Stop Dropping Off Packages at the Post Office!

Okay, not all packages. 

I wanted to take a quick second to write up a little post about dropping off, or not dropping off, packages at the post office. 

I'm gonna be honest, I watch A LOT of YouTube. I watch a lot of unboxings (hellooooo Stitch Fix) and try-ons to be specific. 

Most of the time in these videos, part of the "easy return process" for companies is a pre-addressed label to return items. I rarely, if ever, hear the YouTuber say anything besides, "it makes it so easy to drop off at the post office". 

THERE IS A MUCH EASIER WAY to get rid of the stuff you don't want with that handy-dandy pre-addressed label!

USPS offers free pick-ups! If you are sending something Priority or in these particular cases with a Return label, USPS will pick it up from your doorstep or your office. Dealers choice!

Here is the direct link - - in most cases you can even do it the night before and have it picked up the next day. Towards the end of the process is where you select the type of package,i.e. return, priority, international, etc.

It's really quite simple and removes the need to rush to the post office during your lunch hour in its entirety.

I hope this helps anyone who is looking to save some time!

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