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Welcome to the Page devoted just to the little furry creatures I so lovingly refer to as gremlions (because of course they turn into very vicious little monsters if you feed them after midnight...and they look like mini-lions...except their bite may be worse!)

Benny, Trixie, and Olive have a habit of popping up in blog posts so I figured this could be a handy reference page to get the story behind each little lion in the family. 
*First up - Benny - the oldest in the bunch

I rescued Benny (named after Taye Diggs character in RENT) before he was given to a kill shelter, he was the runt of the litter and no one wanted to adopt him, except of course for me. It was love at first sight and he's been my evil little runt ever since then. He's almost 4 now and he is by no means a runt!

(Side note - I was in fact allergic to cats for my entire life and was hesitant about making the commitment but being an apartment dweller I didn't have a lot of space for a dog. I decided Claritin would be a life long friend of mine, low and behold, after I forgot to take a pill for a couple days in a row I realized Benny didn't have any affect on me...and now even more odd...I'm allergic to dogs!)

Benny through the years

 Trixie aka BellaTrix - DinoBat Cat - Trixie the Pixie

So the story of Trixie goes a little something like this. 
My other half and I were at Petsmart to pick up food for the felines and I went over to look at the cats that Cats Angels had there for adoption. Which isn't unusual, I always go by and look and think they are the sweetest little things ever, but this time I saw Trixie (then known as Domino) and I could not get her out of my head. I was so upset that my other half just didn't want another cat. I wanted to hold her and take her home. I swear she looked at me and chose me right then and there. I contacted the agency the following day to see if it was possible to adopt her but not pick her up until I moved into my house and they said of course! I was so excited. I managed to talk my other half into being okay with it because he knew I didn't react like I did with Trixie with every cat. He knew it was special. So once we got moved in a couple of weeks later we brought her home! And it couldn't have been more perfect. 

*And finally...little Miss Olive...I can't believe it's taken me SO long to get this updated.

Back in 2012 I was chatting with my hairstylist that even though I already had four little felines I've always wanted a white cat. It was really just standard cat lady conversation since she also has cats (and dogs) - I never thought shortly thereafter I would have another addition - maybe a week later I received a text from her with a photo of a little white cat. I did what I could to ignore the text...but who was I kidding? Lucky for me I had to go back to the salon that week and the little kitten in the photo just happened to be in a pet supply store nearby. The store had a little section where they had various animals from local shelters around town in an attempt to find them homes. Well I stopped by and the rest of the day was a whirlwind. Boy was it. A few short hours later I was approved and later that evening we were trekking back to the other side of town to pick her up. Originally I named her Tinker because she was so small and had such a whimsical and goofy personality. Shortly thereafter she was renamed to Olive because...well it just fit.
Her papers said she just turned 1 but I took her to the vet the day after I got her just to confirm all was good and that she was actually 1...she was so small. Turns out it was true and she was just destined to be tiny! She's a manx and apparently that's not uncommon for the breed to take some time to get to their full size.
She started out with a little tiny black spot of hair on her forehead and now at almost 7 it's completely gone. Go figure. Now...

Olive through the years
(I have a lot of photos...)

When I first saw her! 
First night! 

Olive using me as a mattress.  

That's it folks! If you have any questions about adopting or introducing a new feline family member to the family please don't hesitate to ask!

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