What I Wore - *Cowboy boots and Tights*

Happy Halloween!! 

Whatcha got planned for the day? The other half and I have plans to hand out candy! I'm kinda excited because it'll be the first year where there is potential to have trick or treaters. Apartment complexes aren't known for trick or treating. Now we are in a community with lots of families so we'll see!

I won't be rocking the Pebbles costume though. Too big for me to feel the least bit sassy and cute SO I will be wearing a cat mask and ears! I know...not original...but I do love cats : )

So, I got my hair done on Saturday, but I wasn't able to get any photos of outfits. One because I don't wash my hair after I get my hair done until Monday...and my hair was so not clean...meaning I so cannot take a photo of my grease ball mess of hair! That shall not be documented if I can help it. 

But I have some photos of an outfit I wore last week that I haven't shared yet!

I loved that this is called the Annie Oakley dress...it made me feel all tough apparently. 

Wears Head to Toe - 
Tights - Happy Socks
Boots - Forever 21 - FOREVER ago on clearance...they have last forever!

So are you dressing up for Halloween?

Fabulous Friday Finds - Fall Edition AND my new Etsy banner!

Woooooo hoooooo! It's Friday! Yes...I am excited. 

I have a hair appointment tomorrow and it is so needed. Round two of going from black to red!

First things first today. I am so very excited to share with you guys my new banner for my Etsy shop!
It's still in vacation mode (which also has a cute banner just for vacation if you want to pop over and see it!) while I work out the kinks and revamps of the listings but I will open it before too long. 

What do you think? I'm so completely in love with how it came out. I wish I could take the credit for drawing up this beauty but it wasn't me! The lovely Tasha over at mycutelobsterdesigns worked with me from the start getting this just how I envisioned it. She was so helpful and patient!

Okay now that I covered that exciting news it's time for the finds! I was inspired by all things fall because it's 80 degrees in Florida and I'm yearning for some cool temperatures!

Autumn Monarch Butterfly candle holder via LaBellaCandela - No butterflies were harmed in this gorgeous candle holder! I can just picture a bevy of these on the windowsill on a crisp fall day.  

Autumn Tones Mini Glass Acorn Necklace via bullseyebeads - I've had my eye on the necklaces for the longest time and it seems like every time around this year I fall (no pun intended!) in love with all over again!

Vintage Autumn Burnt Orange and Brown heels via vintageagogirl - Um...I have never been more in love with a pair of vintage shoes. These are divine...and my size! *Swoon*

Vintage Fall Floral Umbrella via OneDecember - I love patterned umbrellas and this one takes the cake on gorgeous! <3

Green with Black Velvet Wildflowers Autumn Dress via gogovintage - Two things. I love velvet and wildflowers. Which makes this dress pretty perfect. 

Wow! Lots of info in one post! I hope you had time to browse everything. 
Did you have a favorite in the list? What do you think of the new Etsy banner and name change? I love hearing what you have to say! No comment is too long...I like to read as much as I like to talk! :p

Talk to you soon!


Thrifty *Tutorial* Thursday - Halloween Edition Part 3

So it's the final Halloween edition of Thrifty Tutorial Thursday!

I can't think of a better way to close out the series with a craft from the Queen of Crafting...Martha Stewart. 

But FIRST, I have to share with you some of my Halloween decor, sorry the photos are the best. I took the photos at night!

These little scarecrows are my favorite, they are so tiny, and only .97 at Walmart

Okay now on to the DIY!

Just in case you want one last decoration to add, this will be perfect, it's pretty simple and it is SO cute!

To see the instructions just click on the link above and don't worry it's not a lengthy DIY at all!

Have you done any DIY's for Halloween? What were they? 

PS - Who else is excited for tonights new episode of Vampire Diairies??
I <3 Damon. Yep.

Mid-Week Tranquility - A Double Dose!

Bonjour Lovelies!
(Channeling Bradley Cooper speaking French)

How has your week been going? Are you in need of some tranquility?

It's been a hectic week at work so I'm more than welcoming to some tranquility AND how about a little laugh too? Well...the cartoon made me laugh anyway!

Now...here is the photo this week that brought me to a happy fall-like tranquil place

via Pinterest -
Hello picnic, good books, wine (yes...always wine!), blanket, and lots of swinging on the tire swing!

Talk to you soon!

It's a Photo Shoot! One of the cutest...ever!

Okay, so not a lot of words today, because there are lots of cute photos to share with you from the kitty photo shoot I did over the weekend!

Meet Jane.
Baby Jane
Sweet Jane
Demon Sheep Jane (she has the loudest sheep-like meow I've ever heard...it's hilarious)

She was adopted by my bestest friend Sonia a little over a week ago from a local shelter here in Jacksonville.
She's a runt for sure, she is almost 3 months old, and SO SO tiny.
Sonia wanted to get lots of photos of Jane as a kitten so that's where I came in.

Here are SOME of the results! I took over 100 photos...

She's on the hunt...as much as you can be on a leash!

She loves her planter on the porch.

Bad kitty...she even had egg in her whiskers!

Mama and baby!

You know I love paws...she has the prettiest little paws too. Gotta love a tortie!

What I Wore - *Indigo and Lace*

Hello again lovelies!

How was your weekend? What did you end up doing? 
My Saturday was a busy one. My eyebrows got the TLC they needed and I managed to get a lot of pretty nice photos from the kitten photo shoot. I will share some of those tomorrow!

Did anyone watch the premiere of Once Upon A Time last night? What did you think of it? I recorded it and am going to watch it after work!

Now for the wears! This is one of my favorite new dresses. I found this gem on UrbanOG on clearance for $9.00! I couldn't pass it up. The lace collar was SO pretty and the little hearts matched my oh so fabulous indigo tights!

My fancy new frames came from Zenni Optical, I was lucky this time, I ordered 4 pair of glasses and I liked them all! Success!

Wears from Head to Toe - 

Glasses - Zenni Optical
Cardigan - Target - OLD! I've had this cardigan for years!
Dress - UrbanOG
Belt - thrifted
Earrings - World Market - my FAVE pair of earrings. I'll have to get a better photo of them!
Tights - Happy Socks
Shoes - DSW via Chinese Laundry

Talk to you soon!

It's Friday!! Fabulous Friday Finds is here...woo hoo!

Hey everyone! I'm SO glad it's Friday...I'm hoping to have a pretty non-active weekend. 

Saturday I plan on going to the salon to give my eyebrows a little TLC then I'm off to a girlfriends to take photos of her new kitty! It can be difficult to get a really nice photo of a new kitten but I'm going to give it my best shot. 

I'll also be shipping off my fabulous Package Pal Laura's parcel this weekend!

Okay...on to the finds!

Paw Readings Sign via homespunraven - I don't only love this for a Halloween decoration but for all year round decor! Silly little cats wanting their palm read. 

Vintage Puff Sleeve Dress via pineapplemint - Love...there isn't anything that I don't love about this dress. 

1960's By The Sea Green and Blue Cracked Glass via rockthisvintage - Are you thinking how cute these earrings would look with this dress? I love the colors in these earrings!

Harry Potter Tag Necklace via FrozenSilencex - I'm a sucker for Harry Potter items. Especially ones that aren't super common. This one is too cute AND only $6.00!

Amethyst Bracelet via GlitzGlitter - One of my favorite items of todays list - Jewel tones are my weakness and this bracelet is so rich and royal. Love!

Vintage Pedestal Mugs via momspoppeshoppe - Do I have to say much about these? So cute and so fun and perfect for hot chocolate in Fall AND...the entire set is only $7.99!! <3

That's it for this week! What was your favorite? Any big plans this weekend or are you hoping for a quiet weekend too?

Thrifty *Tutorial* Thursday - Halloween Edition Part 3

The countdown is in full force! 11 days to go until Howloween! (Sorry...I couldn't resist)

I'm not sure I still want to be Pebbles though...the costume is so large but I'm afraid if I wash it it'll shrink to a barbie doll size.

On the plus side, I can always go with Minnie Mouse, because I recently got the most divine dress and it is scarily similar to Ms. Minnie's ensemble.
 (I'll share that in an upcoming "What I Wore" post...my other half aka photographer wasn't home to take pictures!)


On to the this weeks Halloween DIY find!

Fright on the Fridge -

This has to be one of the THE most simple Halloween DIY projects that I've come across. Not to mention it's incredibly cute and great for kids to do with their parents too! I didn't have time to actually make this before I had to post about it today SO I'll be picking up the supplies after work to spook up my fridge! Head over to Better Homes and Gardens website for the instructions!

Are you ready for Halloween? Did you go all out on decoration or did you keep it simple?

Talk to you soon!

It's That Time Again! Mid-Week Tranquility here we come (and shop news!)!

Hey everyone!

Before I get to the good stuff...I wanted to update everyone on my allusive Etsy Shop. It's still enjoying a nice vacation but will be opening back up before the end of the month *fingers crossed.* When Etsy announced the whole name change thing I figured I should wait until I did that before I opened it back up.

I was toying with the idea of changing the name from SewSavoirFaire Creations to well...something that had to do with animals since my shop is all about animals! I decided I was going to make the leap even though a lot of other things need to change with it (banner, email, business cards etc.) but I decided not to change my blog name. It'll stay SewSavoirFaire because really I still love the name it just didn't fit for my shop.
(Fun Fact - Anyone remember the movie Oliver & Company? The song they sing in the street "Why should I worry...why should I care...I may not have a dime...but I've got street savoir faire" That's where my name originated from!)

So LONG story...less long...the new and hopefully improved shop name is -
I needed something that wasn't cat or dog specific and I am a sucker for sweet little paws! So it just fit perfectly.

Okay...sorry...enough of that!


via Pinterest -
A little whimsy in the tranquility today - I could get lost in this room for hours it's gorgeous and has such a light and calming feel to it.

Any other shop owners out there decide to change your shop name?

What I Wore - *Emerging Thoughts*

Happy Tuesday lovelies! 

So, needless to say, I've reconnected. Honestly, for the most part, I usually disconnect in some way, shape, or form on the weekends and then I'm back again during the week. I think it keeps me from getting bored (shock!) with the internet. 

I wanted to share with you a dress I recently purchased after it finally went on sale! I'm all about a sale!

Wears Head to Toe - 

Tights - Foot Traffic in burgundy
Shoes - DSW - Madden Girl
Earrings - from a store in downtown Jax that isn't open anymore : (

Love this dress! The customer service at ET was superb, probably the best that I've ever spoken to, not to mention I received a surprise little halloween candy goodie bag in the mail over the weekend. It was completely unexpected...I was like...weird I didn't order anything recently from ET. Candy! Woo hoo! 

Have you ordered anything from Emerging Thoughts? What item did you get?

Talk to you soon! 

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