Thrifty *Tutorial* Thursday - Halloween Edition Part 3

The countdown is in full force! 11 days to go until Howloween! (Sorry...I couldn't resist)

I'm not sure I still want to be Pebbles though...the costume is so large but I'm afraid if I wash it it'll shrink to a barbie doll size.

On the plus side, I can always go with Minnie Mouse, because I recently got the most divine dress and it is scarily similar to Ms. Minnie's ensemble.
 (I'll share that in an upcoming "What I Wore" other half aka photographer wasn't home to take pictures!)


On to the this weeks Halloween DIY find!

Fright on the Fridge -

This has to be one of the THE most simple Halloween DIY projects that I've come across. Not to mention it's incredibly cute and great for kids to do with their parents too! I didn't have time to actually make this before I had to post about it today SO I'll be picking up the supplies after work to spook up my fridge! Head over to Better Homes and Gardens website for the instructions!

Are you ready for Halloween? Did you go all out on decoration or did you keep it simple?

Talk to you soon!

  1. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!!! love it! hugs...and thank you : )

  2. What a cute skeleton! :p

    Hope you're getting ready to start the weekend! It's almost here ;).



  3. Can you belt the Pebbles dress at the waist?? But if you've got a Minnie dress, you should just go for it!

    I look forward to seeing the outcome of your 'spookifying' the fridge!


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