Mid-Week Tranquility - Yaaaay!

So, my bank account has gotten me very stressed out, so here's hoping a little dose of tranquility via a photo can relax my nerves a bit.

Though that may not be likely (you and I both know what will calm those types of nerves...more money!) but I digress. :p

How do you cope with the stress of paying those bratty and way too needy bills on time? My tactic right now is just *crossing my fingers.*


Love it. Not just because of that gorgeous home in the background, but between the hammock, the swing, and the view...I'm there. Mentally anyway!

Talk to you soon!

  1. It'd be so much fun to spend a weekend in this house!

    And I totally understand how stressful it can be to try to make ends meet. We spent so much money on my asthma medicine and visits to the doctor that we're still trying to catch up. We've had lots of ramen lately, hehe. The good thing is that after rough economic times, you realize how important it is to have some savings for emergencies (or just to spare) ... I hope we start doing a better job at saving, hehe.

    Try to not to stress yourself out! Hope all goes well! ;D

  2. Oh bills. They are the most annoying things ever. :P so sorry! I always feel better after i manage to pay them... Dumb answer but its true...

  3. I try to make a game of saving money, which is terribly nerdy! I always get a martyr glow when I suffer in order to pay bills :)

    Yes, that place looks fantastic. Ooh, lying in that hammock, a nice cocktail in one hand. Definitely my idea of tranquility!!

  4. I could easily relax there! Love that house in the background.

    I love Wednesday because I'm off on Thursday!


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