Fabulous Friday Finds - Fall Edition AND my new Etsy banner!

Woooooo hoooooo! It's Friday! Yes...I am excited. 

I have a hair appointment tomorrow and it is so needed. Round two of going from black to red!

First things first today. I am so very excited to share with you guys my new banner for my Etsy shop!
It's still in vacation mode (which also has a cute banner just for vacation if you want to pop over and see it!) while I work out the kinks and revamps of the listings but I will open it before too long. 

What do you think? I'm so completely in love with how it came out. I wish I could take the credit for drawing up this beauty but it wasn't me! The lovely Tasha over at mycutelobsterdesigns worked with me from the start getting this just how I envisioned it. She was so helpful and patient!

Okay now that I covered that exciting news it's time for the finds! I was inspired by all things fall because it's 80 degrees in Florida and I'm yearning for some cool temperatures!

Autumn Monarch Butterfly candle holder via LaBellaCandela - No butterflies were harmed in this gorgeous candle holder! I can just picture a bevy of these on the windowsill on a crisp fall day.  

Autumn Tones Mini Glass Acorn Necklace via bullseyebeads - I've had my eye on the necklaces for the longest time and it seems like every time around this year I fall (no pun intended!) in love with all over again!

Vintage Autumn Burnt Orange and Brown heels via vintageagogirl - Um...I have never been more in love with a pair of vintage shoes. These are divine...and my size! *Swoon*

Vintage Fall Floral Umbrella via OneDecember - I love patterned umbrellas and this one takes the cake on gorgeous! <3

Green with Black Velvet Wildflowers Autumn Dress via gogovintage - Two things. I love velvet and wildflowers. Which makes this dress pretty perfect. 

Wow! Lots of info in one post! I hope you had time to browse everything. 
Did you have a favorite in the list? What do you think of the new Etsy banner and name change? I love hearing what you have to say! No comment is too long...I like to read as much as I like to talk! :p

Talk to you soon!

  1. love the necklaces- i'm stopping by from follower fest, i'd love for you to stop by my blog and checkout the huge giveaway going on- http://thelovelypoppy.blogspot.com/2011/10/blog-follower-giveaway.html xoxo nicole

  2. What a quaint candle holder ... and love the acorn necklace - very cute. I want one. Nice to find your lovely blog over at Casey's.

  3. I like the new banner!

    Nice finds the necklace is very very cool!! My favorite.

  4. Your new shop name threw me off in the forums! I love it! The banner is very cute too.

  5. Love that acorn necklace so so much!!

  6. Great finds! I just love the monarch butterfly candle holder! And your banner is adorable!

  7. Awe, I love your new Etsy banner! It's super cute, like you!

    And, btw, I totally mistook those Post-it notes for a pregnancy test, too!!! :P Hahaha!

    Hugs to you and your furry critters :P! Have a fun weekend!

  8. The new banner is adorable! and I really like the sweet little acorn necklace :) I love seeing 'fall' (we call it Autumn here) through the eyes of bloggers from the other side of the world, you guys have so much more beauty to the season, here it's more just like a milder summer, with little change. xx

  9. That necklace is BEAUTIFUL!! And I love your new header for your shop. So cute! And you're right, it's perfect indeed. I would love to do a header for my blog, I'll have to check out Tasha's blog.

  10. congrats on the new etsy banner! also, i *lurve* those shoes and the umbrella :)


  11. i love the umbrella. stopping by from the followers fest. i'm a new follower. hope you can check me out at


  12. That dress is gorgeous!

    You're new banner looks great--I'm about to go check out your shop after I leave this.

    Annnd I hope your hair appointment was fun! :)

  13. cute banner and I love love that acorn necklace :)



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