Hey lovelies!

I wanted to say that I have no fallen off the face of the blog world nor have I been kidnapped.

Okay so I was only gone for two days but that is like an eternity in this world!

I completely and utterly unplugged this weekend. And like most who do this...it felt amazing.

So my regular "What I Wore" post will be featured tomorrow once I get fully back in the internet game.

I spent most of my weekend watching movies and I had to take my little Penny to the vet ($137 bucks later...diagnosis is she has an ear infection and acne...cat acne...weird)

It was my other half's birthday over the weekend and we celebrated at my parents house with grilling and delicious Italian Wedding Cake (so good!)

And yes I can't help myself...I just love to blow out candles...thanks babe for letting me step in on that part of your birthday : )

How was your weekend? Do you ever need to "disconnect" for the online world?

  1. Glad you had a nice unplugged weekend, but sorry your kitty isn't feeling well! I am so excited to be unplugged while on my trip to Milwaukee. I was going to try to blog while I was gone but... I just don't want to think about it. Instead I scheduled some funny comics and plan to not check back until Thursday evening. :) :) Happy birthday to your man, btw!! Have a lovely week. <3

  2. We all need to unplug once in a while...keeps us fresh! We spent Sunday at a beautiful park on the water in southern Maryland. I blogged about it today. Hope you kitty gets well soon!

  3. Cat acne?!?! What?! I have never heard of that... Sounds like a pretty good weekend though. :)

  4. I was disconnected for about three or four hours while at a national park. It's good to get away from all that is the interwebz from time to time, although I can't help but think of all of the stuff that will be piling up for when I get back! (Which is wishful thinking, as I usually don't actually have any notifications after all. :P)


  5. Haha, you birthday candle hogger!!!!!

    I'm glad to see you back, I was wondering where you went. I had visions of disasters so it's good to know that it was for highly excellent reasons you weren't online :) Italian Wedding Cake?? I think I should check it out... although I don't think anything can beat chocolate.

    Cat acne?!?! Oh noes!! Also, have you seen Simon's Cat? They're a bunch of cartoons, they make me laugh SO hard. Here's my favourite one, so perfect :)


  6. disconnecting is great sometimes I love that he let you blow out his candles lol


  7. Haha, you look so cute blowing the candles!

    Cat acne?! I'd never heard of anything like that! Hope Penny is doing better now!

    I'm glad to know you've enjoyed disconnecting from the web but I'm happy to know you're back ;).




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