Thrifty *Tutorial* Thursday - Halloween Edition Part 3

So it's the final Halloween edition of Thrifty Tutorial Thursday!

I can't think of a better way to close out the series with a craft from the Queen of Crafting...Martha Stewart. 

But FIRST, I have to share with you some of my Halloween decor, sorry the photos are the best. I took the photos at night!

These little scarecrows are my favorite, they are so tiny, and only .97 at Walmart

Okay now on to the DIY!

Just in case you want one last decoration to add, this will be perfect, it's pretty simple and it is SO cute!

To see the instructions just click on the link above and don't worry it's not a lengthy DIY at all!

Have you done any DIY's for Halloween? What were they? 

PS - Who else is excited for tonights new episode of Vampire Diairies??
I <3 Damon. Yep.

  1. Cute pumpkin walkway lights! Just enough stuff there to be festive.

  2. Very cute! Can't believe October is almost over!

  3. I am not very good at being crafty, but your decorations are adorable!


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