Let's Play Dress Up in Halloween City! *Photo Heavy and a video!*

Well that's what my other half and I did last Saturday evening.

We started out just going to PetsMart to pick up some food for the gremlions but the store that used to be Borders (RIP) had been transformed into Halloween City! 

So needless to say I physically dragged my other half into the store just to have a look around, because as you know, Borders stores are not small by any means so I knew it would be packed full of fun items.

First up a video. Let me preface this with -
I had NO idea he was filming a video! My other half was SUPPOSED to be taking a photo!


And here are the rest - these are ALL from my cell phone so the quality is awful but then again - the photos don't really need a great camera because they are nothing but silly!

Good old Slash-esque hair. 

 Hehe...can you see how much fun he's having? My less than happy wizard haha!
 Sherlock Holmes...that is my detective face.

This picture cracks me up! Look at me in the trenches of Halloween City haha. 
And lastly, I'm including this because it cracks my other half up, I am all crazy eyed! 

Am I the only one that's had this type of little adventure so far this month? What is your first stop in a costume store? I obviously enjoy hats!

  1. Hahahaha, I like the visor with the fake hair! You should've made him fist pump for the picture.

  2. I love doing things like that. Haha!

  3. Halloween isn't very big here, so nobody really dresses up. I usually like to go as something where I can have a crown to wear! Usually I am a pirate queen, I get to wear boots and a tiara. Awesome :)

    I liked your hat with the horns coming out of them. Haha and I LOVED that photo that actually was a video. I told my boy roomie about people pretending to take photos but actually taking videos... and now he does it ALL the time!! So annoying!!!!

  4. You are too cute! Love the pictures. :P Hats are definitely my first stop!!

  5. Hahaha, that video is so cute! :D

  6. Catching up on my blogs...finally!!

    It looks like you guys had a LOT of fun with all those different hats and things. Do you go all out on costumes, too? I'm always amazed at all the choices they have there. You could really almost find anything you want and more!


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