It's a Photo Shoot! One of the cutest...ever!

Okay, so not a lot of words today, because there are lots of cute photos to share with you from the kitty photo shoot I did over the weekend!

Meet Jane.
Baby Jane
Sweet Jane
Demon Sheep Jane (she has the loudest sheep-like meow I've ever's hilarious)

She was adopted by my bestest friend Sonia a little over a week ago from a local shelter here in Jacksonville.
She's a runt for sure, she is almost 3 months old, and SO SO tiny.
Sonia wanted to get lots of photos of Jane as a kitten so that's where I came in.

Here are SOME of the results! I took over 100 photos...

She's on the much as you can be on a leash!

She loves her planter on the porch.

Bad kitty...she even had egg in her whiskers!

Mama and baby!

You know I love paws...she has the prettiest little paws too. Gotta love a tortie!

  1. Aw, such a cutie!! Adorable!! xxx

  2. Cuteness! We have a new kitten (well, he's 4 months old...) and he's really crazy. I'd forgotten how crazy kittens are. Even my kids think he'd a bit mad!

  3. She does look like she'd be crazy! Although I think all kittens have those 'crazy eyes'. I think when I adopt, I will definitely be going for a middle aged cat. I don't think I can do that "kitten" phase all over again. Kristy has a kitten at the moment and she is crazy (the kitten, not Kristy, haha!)

    BUT luckily Jane looks super cute so you can easily forgive the craziness :) Great photos Jenna!!!

  4. Awwww what a little cutie! She looks so much like one of my mom's cats. Does she like walking on the leash/harness?

  5. So cute! These are some great photos :)

  6. she is precious! bless her!!! i have to tell you that tears are running down my face because my little Paulie could have been her twin -- sending Paulie to be her guardian angel. may she fill all of your hearts with constant joy which we all know she will! hugs and more hugs!

  7. So cute! I've been dying for another kitten but just have to look at pics of others for now :)

  8. aww what a gorgeous little kitty! You are right, gotta love a tortie! <3


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