It's That Time Again! Mid-Week Tranquility here we come (and shop news!)!

Hey everyone!

Before I get to the good stuff...I wanted to update everyone on my allusive Etsy Shop. It's still enjoying a nice vacation but will be opening back up before the end of the month *fingers crossed.* When Etsy announced the whole name change thing I figured I should wait until I did that before I opened it back up.

I was toying with the idea of changing the name from SewSavoirFaire Creations to well...something that had to do with animals since my shop is all about animals! I decided I was going to make the leap even though a lot of other things need to change with it (banner, email, business cards etc.) but I decided not to change my blog name. It'll stay SewSavoirFaire because really I still love the name it just didn't fit for my shop.
(Fun Fact - Anyone remember the movie Oliver & Company? The song they sing in the street "Why should I worry...why should I care...I may not have a dime...but I've got street savoir faire" That's where my name originated from!)

So LONG story...less long...the new and hopefully improved shop name is -
I needed something that wasn't cat or dog specific and I am a sucker for sweet little paws! So it just fit perfectly.

Okay...sorry...enough of that!


via Pinterest -
A little whimsy in the tranquility today - I could get lost in this room for hours it's gorgeous and has such a light and calming feel to it.

Any other shop owners out there decide to change your shop name?

  1. That's a very cute new name. I've actually been thinking of changing my blog's name, but I can't decide one way or another. xo

  2. congrats on the name change! i'm glad etsy is letting everyone do that now. i've been missing for a little while...hope you are doing well!

  3. Cuuuute name! I like it and I think it will work out for you perfectly (unlike some of us...thank you for your feedback!!) since you are doing animal things. It's nice that we are able to change if we want to.

  4. Love the name - very cute!
    Hugs xxx

  5. The name change works well. I;ve never seen Oliver & Company, I wanted to see it when it came out at the movies but I never got to. I did have the Happy Meal toy. Woah, weird flashback. Why do I even remember that?!?! I'll have to see if they've got that at the video store.

    Nice mid-week tranquility photo. That colour is very calming.


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