Ahhh...Mid-Week Tranquility...

Okay...I'm not going to fib here...I am exhausted. So tranquility would come relatively easy for me if I could just go to sleep...but alas...the work bell chimes.

My plan for this afternoon once I get home?

Cat napping with the felines...man they have good lives!

But until I can induldge in that, I want to share a photo that says "tranquil" to me, and I promise it's not of someone sleeping :p

It's quite magical. The sunlight streaming in, the lush green colors, and then to top it all of the vibrant and beautiful flowers are just heavenly.

How do you fight the...I want to go to sleep right now feeling...when you are somewhere you can't sleep?!

  1. I am so there, all the time! Haha!! I love the photo you found. What a magical place.

  2. Beautiful photo! I meant to say, I love this idea for mid-week tranquility. We all definitely need it!

    Apparently you're supposed to drink water to stay awake. I guess I just drink an energy drink- they usually taste so gross which keeps me awake

  3. Oh, hope you could take that nap with your kitties! When I can't sleep but I really want/need to, I play music to keep myself awake.

    Hope you're having a nice night sleep!


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