Not gonna lie....

My other half and I picked up the CUTEST picture ever yesterday when out and about running errands and I had to share. 

The best part? My other half loves it too! 

<3 <3 <3

Even's the first piece of artwork that'll be hung in the bedroom...I am in love with all the colors. I had to take the photo with my cellphone so the colors are super dull in comparison to how they really look. It's very vibrant and bright. 

Have you found any "I can't leave the store without this" items over the weekend? 

Talk to you soon!

  1. Cute. :) I wish I went shopping this weekend...

  2. Cute! Cute! Cute! We're really tight with money these weeks, so no shopping on our end ... Except for lots of ramen, haha!

    Hope you're feeling well! ;D



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