Mid-week Coffee Break - Confetti, Whimsical Wallpaper, & Pumpkin Spice

Happy Mid-Week friends!

I've collected a few bits and bobs to share with you today during our bump in the week aka Wednesday.

The wallpaper find in this post is definitely my favorite!

Scroll on down for the finds!

Um. So cute. In Unicorn We Trust.

These coasters are SO cute! 

This is just so dreamy. I bet when the light shines in it's beautiful!

This. Wallpaper. Is. Everything. 
Also there are SO many adorable wallpaper ideas on this site.

I'm all about that copycat recipe life.

Marshmallow pumpkin pie...oh my.

See you tomorrow!

That Gal...signing off!!

NailNation3000 Swatches and Review - #blindsided

Hey guys.

So this week I'm going with a theme and the theme is...dun dun dun...NailNation3000!

I have a couple more polishes to share with you from the newly released Big Brother 17 (BB17) collection from NN. I'll share one today and another one on Thursday. With a little coffee break in the middle to shake things up a bit.

All of the polishes in the collection are available to purchase now in the shop!

**This is described as a mega holo purple polish but it's more of a blurple. It leans blue/purple depending on the light**
***This little number is pretty darn fabulous. As with all the NailNation polishes I've had on my paws...the formula was lovely as was the application. Photos are shown with 2 coats and top coat. No issues with staining***

Where to find NailNation3000 - 

That Gal...signing off!!
*polish sent for my honest reviews & opinions*

NailNation3000 Review & Swatches - BB17 (Big Brother 17) Collection

Hey guys!

Recently one of my favorite makers/brands released a collection inspired by the oh so popular Big Brother 17. I don't have them all but I do have 2 of them to share with you today!

There are SO many colors to choose form in this collection. Sometimes for everyone I think! The reds...so swoon-worthy. Who am I kidding...they all are! 

So scroll on down to see the pretty!

**Rich luxurious bright pink medium holo with a soft chrome ghost**
***Oh my. Yep. So good. I'm not usually in love with pink but...this sassy little number...fab. Photo shown with two coats plus to coat. No issues with formula or application.

**Clean ocean blue strong metallic tin with soft chrome and tons of holo, shine, & shimmer**
***I want to start by saying this is actually a slightly brighter/lighter blue than the photos show. It's not wildly different but definitely not AS dark blue. Now that that's out of the way...it's beautiful. It's bold and just divine. Polish shown with two coats plus top coat. No issues with formula or application.

Where to find NailNation3000 - 

That Gal...signing off!!
*polish sent for my honest reviews & opinions*

Mid-week Coffee Break - Book Clutches, Bold Wallpaper, & Apples!

Hiya guys!

Time for a coffee break!

I had no intention on making this weeks finds in specific themed groups but for the most part that's what happened. 

I hope your week has been going well...or if it hasn't been going well I hope it's at least going fast!

Let's get to the finds!

So simple but so true.

What a quaint little bookstore.

I need this wallpaper in my life. 

Oh my goodness. Book clutches. These are so freaking amazing!

Apple pie bars!! My husband would just love these!

Caramel...apple...sangria. This photo makes it seem so simple. Simple...now that I'm a fan of.

Tune in tomorrow for some new polishes from NailNation3000! So dreamy!

That Gal...signing off!!

LynBDesigns Review & Swatches - The Trinity Mini Collection

Hey there guys!

Sorry I went MIA last week. 
I can't promise my posts will always been consistent because sometimes life doesn't let that be the case but I'll be here as much as I can!

I figure why not start this post filled week up with a bang eh? I have more Harry Potter inspired goodness from the one and only LynBDesigns!

I think this is by far my favorite collection, even though it's smaller, the polishes are perfection. 
Three simple, rich, and oh so beautiful polishes inspired by three of my favorite people!

This collection releases on 9/25/2015 at 7pm EST sharp!

Keep on scrolling for photos!

**Pumpkin orange linear holo with golden flecks**
***You guys...I am a tried and true Weasley fan. Not just Ron...the entire Weasley family. My husband on the other hand...not so much...BUT we're talking about me here. When I saw this orange beauty I just fell head over heels for it. I love orange AND the inspiration behind this polish. Polish is shown with three thin coats plus top coat. This is a thicker jelly polish so don't move too quickly! It's so squishy!***

**Creamy deep pink linear holo with pink glass flecks**
***This pink is so good. It's not too loud or too low key. It's the perfect pink for any occasion. Polish is shown with two coats plus top coat. No issues with formula or application.

**Intense black linear holo with deep purple glass flecks**
***So good. So dark. I feel like Harry had a really difficult life. As a child and as a teen. He had some bright spots but turmoil really followed him around like a shadow. So I think this is a perfect "Potter" polish. Bright flecks in a dark base. Polish is shown with three thin coats plus top coat. This can be opaque with two thicker coats.***

Where to find LynBDesigns -  

These are releasing on 9/25/15 at 7pm EST!

I will see you tomorrow!

That Gal...signing off!!
*polish sent for my honest reviews & opinions*

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