LynBDesigns - Totally Clueless Collection - Part 1

Hey guys!

I know this isn't my normal "first post of the week" day but hey I'm switching it up!

I have a two part collection for you this week. By two part I mean...I broke it into two's not releasing in two parts! The new collection inspired by Clueless (YES!) by LynBDesigns releases this Friday at 7pm EST!!
I wanted to have enough time to break it into two parts but not post too far away from the release date. I have a tendency to forget polish releases if I see swatches too far in advance. Then again if it's not about cats...I always have a tendency to forget it.

So today is Part 1 and tomorrow I'll have Part 2 for you. At the end of the post you can see a little sneak peek of the entire collection.

Now...let's like totally get to the good stuff!

**A linear holographic grassy green crelly base with tiny rainbow glass flecks**
***I had a hard time choosing a favorite and this one was in the running for sure. It's green enough to make an impact but not SO green that it is season specific. I loves it. No issues with formula or application. Photos show three thin coats and top coat***


Ren and Stimpy, They're Way Existential
**Bright blue crelly base with white stars, tiny red and yellow glitters, and blue glass flecks**
***Talk about a recognizable quote from the movie! I bet you can even remember the scene where she says it. Oh 90's. So good. The colors are so spot on in this inspiration. So fun! No issues with formula or application. I didn't have to fish for any of the stars! Photos shown with three thin coats and top coat***

I Fully Intend to Brake for Animals
**Black jelly base loaded with purple glitters in all finishes and sizes**
***Oooh so dark and lovely. I love purple. Love it. Then all the fun glitters just add so much zazzy (Big Bang Theory anyone??) No issues with formula or application. Photos shown with three thin coats and top coat***

This Is An Alaia
**Red jelly base loaded with red glass flecks and some deep taupe flecks**
***I love a good red and this is definitely that. Those glass flecks?? Yas. No issues with application or formula. Photos shown with three thin coats and top coat***

 Old People Can Be So Cute
**Gray crelly base loaded with glitter in pink, purple, yellow, & fuchsia with a hint of pink shimmer**
***Out of Part 1 of this collection I think this one is my favorite. I just love the colors in this so so much. Also that matte top coat. No issues with formula or application. Shown with two coats and top coat with the exception of the photo with the matte top coat***

Where to find LynBDesigns -  

Come back tomorrow for Part 2 of the Totally Clueless Collection!

That Gal...signing off!!
*polishes sent for my 100% review and opinion* 

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