LynBDesigns Review & Swatches - The Trinity Mini Collection

Hey there guys!

Sorry I went MIA last week. 
I can't promise my posts will always been consistent because sometimes life doesn't let that be the case but I'll be here as much as I can!

I figure why not start this post filled week up with a bang eh? I have more Harry Potter inspired goodness from the one and only LynBDesigns!

I think this is by far my favorite collection, even though it's smaller, the polishes are perfection. 
Three simple, rich, and oh so beautiful polishes inspired by three of my favorite people!

This collection releases on 9/25/2015 at 7pm EST sharp!

Keep on scrolling for photos!

**Pumpkin orange linear holo with golden flecks**
***You guys...I am a tried and true Weasley fan. Not just Ron...the entire Weasley family. My husband on the other hand...not so much...BUT we're talking about me here. When I saw this orange beauty I just fell head over heels for it. I love orange AND the inspiration behind this polish. Polish is shown with three thin coats plus top coat. This is a thicker jelly polish so don't move too quickly! It's so squishy!***

**Creamy deep pink linear holo with pink glass flecks**
***This pink is so good. It's not too loud or too low key. It's the perfect pink for any occasion. Polish is shown with two coats plus top coat. No issues with formula or application.

**Intense black linear holo with deep purple glass flecks**
***So good. So dark. I feel like Harry had a really difficult life. As a child and as a teen. He had some bright spots but turmoil really followed him around like a shadow. So I think this is a perfect "Potter" polish. Bright flecks in a dark base. Polish is shown with three thin coats plus top coat. This can be opaque with two thicker coats.***

Where to find LynBDesigns -  

These are releasing on 9/25/15 at 7pm EST!

I will see you tomorrow!

That Gal...signing off!!
*polish sent for my honest reviews & opinions*

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