Friday Finds - Friday Hiatus

So...I didn't have a chance to put anything together for the finds this week. 

I usually write my post Thursday evening to post on Friday since I'm at work all day and don't have the opportunity to write anything ON Friday.

However, it is almost 10 pm right now on Thursday, and I am EXHAUSTED. 

Partially (mostly) due to the fact that seeing Jersey Boys last night kept me out much later than I usually am on the weekdays. I am a woman whole loves her naps and am used to taking them when I get home from work so I feel like I've been running on empty due to lack of sleep.

So all I have a short but sweet post today. 

I leave you with a couple (bad quality) photos from my now favorite musical "find".

What I Wore to the show!

Me and the fiance in our seats waiting for the show to begin!

Talk to you soon!!

Random Wednesday #19 - Fancy Bedroom...and a weekend recap (yes...Hunger Games)

Whew! Have way to the weekend...tick tock tick tock.

This week has been a busy busy week and I don't do well with busy. I get overwhelmed at the drop of a hat. It may be because work is busy so it's nice to not really have a lot on the list to do after work because I feel like I can unwind. 

Tonight the fiance and I are going to see Jersey Boys at the theater! It's been awhile since I saw a musical, Hairspray was the last one I went to and that was almost 2 years ago, so yaaaaay! If you want to find out more about this amazing show here is a link!

But instead of going on and on...I want to share some recent randomness :) Come on this random ride with me please!

*Please excuse the quality of these photos...they are from my ipod!*


I originally took these to share with my mom because she bought us those fabulous mirrored nightstands for our Easter gifts but I thought I would share with you guys too! We recently bought a new bed because I just couldn't deal with a platform bed anymore. I love it. I love sleigh beds and the lattice-esque headboard/foot board are perfect. You can also see my record player and a Beatles album on my side! And of course...Trixie.
I left this post it for a co-worker the day before she started reading the first book in The Hunger Games! :)

More Hunger Games...yes please. I read this cover-to-cover. <3

I posted this on Instagram and twitter but I thought it was probably hard to see. I wore this and my Hunger Games shirt when we went to see the movie last weekend! The necklace has the 3 finger salute on one side and a mockingjay on the other!!

Before we went in the theater!! I can't hide excitement...

Me and my Charlie girl on Sunday...still wearing my Hunger Games shirt.

I apologize for all the Hunger Games...I'm sure some of you are tired of seeing/reading about it. But...I am in love and obsessed with all things Hunger Games. 

Follow me on twitter/instagram if you want to be a part of any weird and random photos! If you have either let me know so I can follow too!

Talk to you soon!

It's a Honeymoon Thing!

I just wanted to pop in for a second to let you all know that I have a guest post up on my favorite Aussie's blog!

Laura aka my fave Aussie went on a fabulous holiday to Hawaii and I jumped at the chance to contribute a post relating to a getaway. We decided a honeymoon post would be fitting. 

Stop by Laura's blog to read about where the fiance and I are hoping to go on our honeymoon!!

Sneak Peek!

Talk to you soon!



What I Wore - *It's a Stripe Thing*

Hey lovelies!

How was your weekend? Did you join in on the Hunger Games band wagon and see the movie?

We saw it on Saturday night and it was almost surreal. It seems like everyone had been waiting SO long to see this movie that it was hard to believe it was happening. It did not disappoint.

I didn't think it was AS GOOD as the book but it was pretty perfect in regards to a book-to-movie production. Everything in the movie was pretty spot on to things that happened in the book!

I'll save all the HG talk for another post...I'm assuming you clicked on this post to see this week's outfit!

Favorite dress alert!! I'm obsessed with this dress partly because it has this fabulous boning in the dress that gives it!!

Dance, Dance (channeling my inner Fall Out Boy!)

That's all folks!

Wears From Head to Toe -

(This is a new fave dress for me. I've worn it with and without tights and I love it just the same.)
Earrings - World Market
Tights - gift
Shoes - GoJane

So what was your weekend highlight? A great movie? A great weekend of relaxation? I'd love to know!

Talk to you soon!

Friday Finds - This is obvious...but it's Hunger Games time!

I know this will be an uber obvious post today but COME ON!!! The Hunger Games is FINALLY out!

I had a hard time narrowing it down to an acceptable amount of photos.

I just kept finding HG things I had to share.

Did you see the midnight showing?

 I didn't...the fiance and I talked about it but I just kept thinking about my alarm for work going off at 5:45 and HAD to make the decision to see it Saturday or Sunday instead!

Okay...Hunger Games time!!!

True Talk - How many times does this happen to you? Especially with Hunger Games.

Ahhhh! - Um...I almost want this to be my blog background. <3

Best Party Idea Ever - Seriously? This party decor is...perfection. I can't even.

I would be LYING through my teeth if I said I wasn't considering this for my upcoming nuptials - check out the rest of the photos!

The Reaping Globe - This has got to be one of my favorite Hunger Games necklaces. There are more versions of it in the shop too!

 Now...for the good stuff.

Love much. I didn't find the original source though...but as you can see it's from Vanity Fair!
Yes and original source again people but it's obviously from the magazine!

And finally....

Thank you Peeta...and thank you black and white photos...and Peeta.
*found on pinterest a million times*

Happy Hunger Games everyone!

Talk to you soon!!

Random Wednesday #18 - This Sucks!

So as much as I would LOVE to share with you a handful of random photos and facts...I can't.
My new computer was delivered yesterday and my stupid macbook froze when I was trying to move over photos and what not onto an external hard drive to put on my new PC.
I'm not 100% sure what I'm going to do. But I have high hopes that I'll get it sorted out. Otherwise I'm going to punch that little macbook in the "face"...
So I'll leave you with one photo! Since it is so close to Hunger Games opening in theatres...I went and got the soundtrack yesterday!! : )
So, hopefully I'll be back on Friday, cross your fingers!! If can always find me on instagram (sewsavoirfaire) and twitter!
Talk to you soon!

What I Wore - *Fashion Faux-Pas Fun!* and a Gift Certificate!

Hellllloooo lovelies!!

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun? I'd be lying if I said I did a lot on Sunday because I didn't. I didn't even leave the house until 5:30 and that was because we HAD to get some groceries. PS - I found a fabulous dress while I was shopping and will share photos of it next Monday!

I had a busy day Saturday. I had to get my color touched up at the salon, then spent some time with my lovely mother, and then the fiance and I saw 21 Jump Street!! 
Did you see 21 Jump Street over the weekend...or do you plan on seeing it? 

I highly recommend it! We're actually planning on seeing it again. : )

*Just a little note about the Gift Certificate I mentioned. If you've never purchased anything from Eshakti they sent me a gift certificate to share with my friends! If only I could use it...apparently if you buy enough stuff from a website they are more likely to send you something like this : ) Anywho, the gift certificate code is JEN17ERS12  and it's good for $20!! If you buy anything I'm dying to see what it is!*

Anywho, the outfit, you may be thinking faux-pas?

Well you know "technically" you're not supposed to wear navy/blue with black. But the problem with that is...I like pairing navy/blue and black together! 

So...I did.

The dress is navy blue...though it's difficult to tell in the photos.

Here's a close up shot of the shoes! They are the "sister" shoe these (I shared on instagram/twitter) which I guess I've never worn in an outfit post. Whoops!

Jump! Jump!

Getting my vogue pose!

 I'm gonna dance this WIW post out..

Wears Head to Toe - 

Cardigan - EBay - originally from Forever 21 - (I wear this cardi ALL the time...I love the color!)
Necklace - Etsy (hands down...I wear this necklace more often than any other)
Dress - Forever 21
Belt - thrifted
Tights - gift from my mom
Shoes - UrbanOG
Glasses - Coastal

That is all! Talk to you soon!!

Fabulous Friday Finds - Friday Friday Friday!

Glory, glory, thank you weekend fairy. 

This week has been DRAGGING. I just hope Friday doesn't go by at a snail's pace.

 I have a hair appointment on Saturday...woo hoo! The red has been making an appearance more and more each day so my hair has lightened up a good bit. I'll be glad to get it all black again!

Last night the fiance and I went to an monthly Art Walk held at the beach where my mom was playing with her band! Yep, my mom is in a band. She plays the african drums and other miscellaneous instruments and her partner plays the guitar. If you follow me on instagram or twitter you may have seen the photo but here's my mom! (She's on the left in the black and white top!)

Isn't she snazzy? She even dedicated a song to me : )

Okay...time for some fun finds!

I'm not 100% ready for spring/summer because I dislike heat but I can't deny the color of this purse! I'm also obsessed with satchels.

I don't know where the original source came from BUT it is amazing. I need...not want...this in my backyard. Back Yard Whimsy

This is the most amazing Easter decor I've ever seen...ever! specific source : (

Cutest...puppy...ever! Puppy!

Okay, I don't have the patience for this or long enough nails, but come on! These are so darn amazing!

Also, a big shout out to Jenny, for giving me some advice on computers! I was in the market for a PC that didn't break the bank because my macbook is about to kick the bucket. The fiance was nice enough to lend me the money so I could replace my computer before it threw in the towel. So this beauty is on it's way to me!! I've been a mac user for the past 5 years so I'm nervous about the switch but excited!

What are your weekend plans? 
I hope I won't be too busy...I love my R&R!

Talk to you soon!

Random Wednesday #17 - Engagement Photo Edition!

Hey lovelies!

I thought why not share my engagement photos for Random is pretty random!

I want to give a HUGE thank you to ApriLynn for taking these photos for us! I know we weren't the easiest couple to work with due to our complete lack of experience being "models" you were so patient with us!

Needless to say...there were a lot of photos taken. I tried to pick out what I considered to be the best ones to share with you guys! 

Soooo...I hope you like them!

Ta da!! I think it's official...I am in fact engaged since I had fancy photos and everything. : )

Oh! I also have the invites ordered. I can't wait to share them with you all when I receive them. The oh so talented Ruth will be doing her handy work on my dream invites! Really...I fell in love with them June of last year and bookmarked them just in case I ever got married : )

Talk to you soon!!

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