Random Wednesday #16 - Hodge Podge of Randomness!

Hey hey hey! 
(That should be read in a Fat Albert-esque voice)

So, no vlog yet, if I don't post it tomorrow then stick around and check back this weekend for it! I promise I'll post it before next week!

But I am going to share a little peek into the venue for the wedding today!

PS - If you follow me on instagram/twitter then you've seen some of these already!

Here it is! Just a little look-see...they were setting up for a wine tasting event while we were there. I'll share the name and some other photos in the vlog post!

My FAVORITE boots!

Just an every day conversation with me and the fiance. 

These are some of the CUTEST garden decoration I've ever seen. That stump with the little mushrooms that light up is amazing. It may not make a ton of sense on a wedding registry but these will be on it!

Highlighters!! These little babies "brightened" up my day at work when I stumbled upon them.

My sweet, but evil because she incessantly bites my feet/ankles/shins, ginger kitty Penelope. Kitty kisses makes a bad day better!

All this fun in the past 4 days! Do you have instagram? I'm always looking for more people to add to my feed!! Leave your instagram name!

Talk to you soon!!

  1. Love those boots! And my lady ginger cat is named Penelope too - small world (my gentleman ginger is Conkers).

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  2. Those boots are so lovely. I'm always on the hunt for comfy yet stylish boots. I loved seeing all your pictures. Those garden decorations are amazing. I would definitely add them to my wedding registry too!!

  3. Yay for having found the venue! :D And I love your boots! They look comfy and stylish! I love long boots, but I'm too short and my legs are fat so they sometimes look as if they were strangling them, haha ... :/.

    Can't wait for the vlog! :D

  4. OOOHHHHH, the venue looks so pretty!

  5. Gorgeous venue! I've been seeing all of your rustic pins on Pinterest, and I think it's going to look awesome.

    Also, great boots!


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