It's a Honeymoon Thing!

I just wanted to pop in for a second to let you all know that I have a guest post up on my favorite Aussie's blog!

Laura aka my fave Aussie went on a fabulous holiday to Hawaii and I jumped at the chance to contribute a post relating to a getaway. We decided a honeymoon post would be fitting. 

Stop by Laura's blog to read about where the fiance and I are hoping to go on our honeymoon!!

Sneak Peek!

Talk to you soon!



  1. Aw what a cute post! I want to go to St Augustine dammit. Take me on your honeymoon instead!

  2. I'm off to check it out!

    Courtney ~

  3. So charming! Looks like the perfect place for a honeymoon. And since it's so close to home you won't feel like you constantly need to be doing stuff and seeing the surrounding area, yay for relaxing!


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