Random Wednesday #19 - Fancy Bedroom...and a weekend recap (yes...Hunger Games)

Whew! Have way to the weekend...tick tock tick tock.

This week has been a busy busy week and I don't do well with busy. I get overwhelmed at the drop of a hat. It may be because work is busy so it's nice to not really have a lot on the list to do after work because I feel like I can unwind. 

Tonight the fiance and I are going to see Jersey Boys at the theater! It's been awhile since I saw a musical, Hairspray was the last one I went to and that was almost 2 years ago, so yaaaaay! If you want to find out more about this amazing show here is a link!

But instead of going on and on...I want to share some recent randomness :) Come on this random ride with me please!

*Please excuse the quality of these photos...they are from my ipod!*


I originally took these to share with my mom because she bought us those fabulous mirrored nightstands for our Easter gifts but I thought I would share with you guys too! We recently bought a new bed because I just couldn't deal with a platform bed anymore. I love it. I love sleigh beds and the lattice-esque headboard/foot board are perfect. You can also see my record player and a Beatles album on my side! And of course...Trixie.
I left this post it for a co-worker the day before she started reading the first book in The Hunger Games! :)

More Hunger Games...yes please. I read this cover-to-cover. <3

I posted this on Instagram and twitter but I thought it was probably hard to see. I wore this and my Hunger Games shirt when we went to see the movie last weekend! The necklace has the 3 finger salute on one side and a mockingjay on the other!!

Before we went in the theater!! I can't hide excitement...

Me and my Charlie girl on Sunday...still wearing my Hunger Games shirt.

I apologize for all the Hunger Games...I'm sure some of you are tired of seeing/reading about it. But...I am in love and obsessed with all things Hunger Games. 

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Talk to you soon!

  1. Have fun tonight - and I adore your bedroom decor - I've wanted those mirrored tables for like for ever!

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  2. I love how the Hunger Games has take over the blog world, it makes me so so so very, ridiculously happy.

  3. Your email from me about Hunger Games goodness is forthcoming! All this pesky work I have is getting in the way! :-)

    That bed is so cute! Where is it from? We're in the market for something with a headboard (yep, no headboard right now, we're weird).

  4. Hi, Jenna! I love your new bed! And I sleep on the same side. When I find out that a female friend or relative sleeps on the other side of the bed I feel it's so wrong, haha! I remember talking about this with David on his first visit; I wanted to make sure I was going to sleep to his left. The thing is it took me so long to be able to move here that Dante got used to sleeping there, so he probably thinks it's HIS side not mine, hahaha! But he's so cute, I can forgive him anything :p.

    Hope you have fun at Jersey Boys! It's been ages (literally) since I last saw a musical! I think it was in 1995! :O

    Happy midweek, sweet Jenna + fiance + kitties! :D

  5. Saw the movie! They did a great job. Definitely going to go see it again. Your bed and nightstands look so cute!

  6. i think you look really pretty in the closeup pictures of your pin :) by the way, i saw the movie... liked it, and now i want to get the books! xoxo

  7. I will never get sick of Hunger Games :)

  8. I keep meaning to pick that book up - I'll have to get it this weekend.

  9. Oh and your bedroom looks great! Love the bed!

  10. Not tired of it at all. You may have noticed I cast myself as Katniss in my most recent post ;). Love the bed/nightstands! Gorgeous!

  11. jersey boys is amazing! i hope you love it as much as i did. the music just rocks!!

    and love the nightstands :) too cute

  12. Your bedside lamps are gorgeous :)

  13. The hunger games is amazing and if I had a shirt I would wear it all weekend too! Love the books love the movie...happy happy!

    Check out 87Life on Facebook!

  14. I will never get tired of Hunger Games!

    xo Jen

  15. I love those mirrored nightstands. I finally saw the Hunger Games film, rather enjoyable and loved the costumes so much. Hope you have a great week.


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