Ta Da! Finally...Fabulous Friday Finds!

Needless to say...it's been a long week! Just one of "those" weeks that creeps by like a one legged zombie...which I'm assuming would be a very slow moving being. 

I'm so happy to share some great finds this week with all of you lovelies though! I always look forward to each Friday so I can share some goodies!

But FIRST, I have to share with you my new coffee table, that I got (haggled) for the low low price of $40! I found it on craigslist after searching for a table that had more than one level so I could store items that didn't "need" to be on top of the table and it's got a handy dandy drawer that holds remotes and my laptop! Woo hoo! How we managed to get it in my car is another story...it was almost a tragedy but we did it!

Have you found any great finds on craigslist? 

On to the fabulous finds!

Round Glass Butter Dish via yevgenia - seriously the most gorgeous butter dish I've ever seen! The colors are SO pretty. 

Scottish Tartan Kilt Journal via peaseblossumstudio - I am kinda obsessed with this journal...from the fabric to the safety pin <3

Vintage cat necklace via dinafragola - I'm a sucker for the vintage pictures/paintings of cats and how they have such personality in their expressions. 

Polka Dot red cups via SovietEra - One word. Love.

Vintage 1980's Mid Calf Riding Boot via pineapplemint - These are dreamy. Perfect for jeans and perfect for dresses and skirts!

That's it! See anything you are loving now too? 

Any big plans for the weekend? I have to take my little Penelope to the vet...because I cancelled last week since the weather was so awful. 

Talk to you soon!

  1. These are all lovely! Thank you for including me!

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my necklace in this fabulous selection :)

  3. Hey- great table! Not a bag grab for $40. I got a Pottery Barn craft table/sideboard out of the local classifieds about a year ago. It was a couple hundred $$ but way below what you would pay at PB, and it's in great shape!! I love finds like that.

  4. I love the table I have never bought anything off of craigs list but sold my car in 15 minutes on there :)

    according to my Tivo The New Girl that did not play this week is coming on again on the 23rd at like midnight

    I hope you have a great weekend!!!!


  5. Ooooo, absolutely love the butter dish and the boots. I've been CRAVING a pair of cowboy boots myself ;)

    Glad your table got home safely! Looks great!

    Erin from BloggingBuddies

  6. Hi, Jenna! What a lovely table! ;) I can't imagine putting it inside a car, haha :O.

    I particularly love the kitty necklace :p and the polka dot cups!

    Good luck with Penelope this weekend! We, too, have to take the cats to the vet, but we're trying to save money for that. We usually end up spending more than we want to there. Vets are so weird here! The fee is different if you talk to a doctor or if the assistants just take the cages for the doc to see the pets ... My vet in Argentina didn't even charge me for the visit many times because we spent money on shots or treatments and that was enough for him. Dimitri got injured so many times (in fights) :( that he was a regular patient :/ ...

    Oh, sorry about such a long comment about the cats, hehe. Love talking about these furry critters :p.

    Hugs to you and the kitties! ;D

  7. Haha, 'dragged like a one legged zombie'!! Love it, I think I'll be stealing that one.

    Love those boots, I'm a sucker for a nice pair. Especially brown ones.

  8. cute finds! thank you for using my boots in your post!

  9. I love that butter dish. I have tons of glass paints and I'm anxious to use it. This give me incentive.


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