Recent Ebay Buys! Yes...I'm obsessed with Ebay!

So, even though, in the past I've had some issues with Ebay (I bought a laptop and it was broken and I never got my money back!) I wouldn't let that get me down. 

I thought it would be fun to share with you lovelies some recent "wins" I've had on Ebay. So you can see what I do with a lot of my spare time haha. Don't judge!

Fell in love with this dress when I saw it - I haven't gotten it in the mail yet - so hopefully it fits!
I couldn't wait for this book to come out! After I read the first book in the series "Meridian" I was so excited to find this for half of what it costs in a bookstore.

Okay so this was listed as a Halloween costume...whatever...I would wear this any day of the week! I haven't gotten it in the mail yet so we shall see if it is as cute on. 

I am in LOVE with the Pity Kitty artwork by GIG so I've been trying to track down the prints, I've found two so far that are within a price range I want to spend (which is the hard part!)
$10 - I love the velvet and the frame too...bonus!

Awww...sweet Pity Kitty...
$10 (free shipping!)

So that's it...I didn't bore you with ALL of my recent buys from EBay!

Are you a fan of EBay? Have you had any less than ideal purchases? 

  1. Oh my goodness, those kitty prints are adorable! I would love to get some Kitty Cassandra prints for my office. Who am I kidding... I would decorate my entire house in cat artwork if I could! Ebay is a dangerous place for me too, but lately I've found Etsy to be more of a weekness. Oh, and I'm waiting on a "Cat Lady" necklace I ordered from there this week :)

  2. last year, i started getting almost all my clothes off of ebay. you can get really good stuff for cheap!

  3. I love both dresses! I can't believe the last one was listed as a Halloween costume! :o

    I love online buying ... getting things in the mail is so much fun! ;P

    Happy long weekend, Jenna! ;D

  4. That thrill of counting down to the end of an ebay auction... especially when you are in a bidding war with someone else. And that JOY when you win!!! That's addictive in itself!

    I have brought a few items of clothing from ebay but I wasn't happy with them. Not that they weren't great or fitted well, they just didn't suit me. If I'd been able to try them on, I would have known. Oh well, c'est la vie! It wouldn't stop me from buying anything else off ebay.

  5. That dress reminds me of mint chocolate icecream!


  6. I do like that top dress. The bottom dress is interesting and I think it would be fun to wear. Love the kittie pictures.

  7. I love the first dress. It is really cute!

    Go you for being brave enough to buy clothes on Ebay. I have always been a little nervous about it. But I should totally go and have a look around and see if there are some gems on there.


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