There's no place like Comic Con, there's no place like Comic-Con...

Here's hoping if I click my ruby red heels three times...I will go back in time and go to Comic Con...


Nope. Still in Jacksonville, Florida and it's still the Tuesday after Comic Con came to a close.

Please excuse my slight departure from my normal daily ramblings while I gush about the entertainment world.

Seriously though, how amazing would it have been if I could've made it there, I'm guessing it would've been pretty awesome. Or send me into a panic because of the mass of people that were there. I have a little quirk about being around crowds of people. Quirk as in...I panic and want to flee the scene.

I openly admit to the fact that I love television and movies. The good, the bad, and the guilty pleasures.

I was scouring the internet to find some photos from Comic Con of the celebs that were there from the television shows/movies that I love!

Psych - Dule Hill and James Roday - does anyone else love Psych? Such a funny TV show!

Eeek! Dexter! I can't wait for the new season to's almost time to sign up for Showtime for the duration of the new season...then promptly cancel Showtime after the season is over.

Vampire Diaries! Am I the only one here that loves some Vampire Diaries? 

Ah, True Blood, the whole cast was there too! 

Apparently there was a sneak preview of Breaking Dawn that the cast presented. PS - what the heck did Robert Pattinson do to his hair? It's shaved on one side...weird.

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What about you? What TV shows are on your must watch list?


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Talk to you soon!

  1. no! did you meet michael c. hall??!

  2. Ahhh! I just went back to read my post and realized how much it sounds like I went to comic con! I didn't go (sad face)...I was just wishing my little heart out that I had been able to go! So far, the only place I've met Michael C. Hall is in my dreams!

  3. I love Dexter and True Blood :) I have thought about renaming my dogs after the True Blood characters. lol

  4. @Erika - too funny! What names would you choose? I'm partial to Dexter and Lafayette!

  5. Ahhhh..... I would LOVE to go someday. And I have just started watching Dexter and I am ADDICTED! :P

  6. Ok, first of all, Psych... Best. Show. Ever. I was so wishing that I was at Comic Con too, but I have convinced my husband to buy us passes next year and we are going to make it happen! Oh, and you are not the only one that loves Vampire Diaries ;)

  7. Yay @ Lazy Mondays! A fellow Psych-o! : )

  8. we do the same thing with showtime and dexter..too funny.


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