Thrifty *Tutorial* Thursday and some exciting news!

Okay, I should admit right now, the exciting news is for me but I had to share with all you lovelies!

My loan was approved for the house! Yaaaay! So if the rest of this home buying process goes smoothly then I will be closing on my first home on 8/12/11! 

Which also means, once the giveaway has come to a close and I make the new pet bed for the winner, I will be packing up my sewing machine and all the other notions! I have a LOT of fleece to move...

I hope none of you mind accompanying me on this moving journey because I'm sure some of the process will be documented here! 


Onwards to a YUMMY tutorial that is easy on the pockets and relatively simple to execute!

Yes, a yummy tutorial, check out these cream cheese brownies!

To get all the details and instructions, check out A Bountiful Kitchen, and don't have to try these! 
Is your mouth watering? I think my blood sugar (Yep, I'm a diabetic...for 26 years now!) goes up just looking at these. Yum.

Do you think you'll give them a go? 

See you tomorrow for Fabulous Friday Faves!

  1. Those look soooo good! Brownies are my weakness- I could, and have, eaten them for breakfast. ;)

    I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT YOUR LOAN! This is so, so, so cool! Congrats!! New House City!

  2. YAAYAAAAY! Gratz on the loan!!! So exciting! Can't wait to hear all about your move. :) :) And those brownies? Chocolate? Cream Chease? Yes, please!

  3. congratulations on the loan!!

    and omg i love cream cheese brownies. those ones look like awesome.

  4. Woo hoo! You will love turning a new house into a home! Congratulations!

    Thanks for the link for the brownie recipe....can't wait to make some.

  5. WOOHOO Congrats on your new home :) I know buying a home can be so stressful. Those brownies look delicious!

  6. i'll definitely give them a go at some point! and congrats on your house. that's so exciting for you. can't wait to see you post pics as everything gets moved in and set up!

  7. Those look so yummy. Congrats on the house closing!!


  8. Oh my goodness!!!! I want to lick the screen!!! I must try these. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Thanks for the well wishes on the house everyone!

  10. i immediately clicked on your entry when i saw that you posted something about food! loves.

    -robots in trouble


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