There's no place like home...there's no place like home! Dorothy was far far away from her home...I too am not in the city I reside in.
Nor am I at a computer or have access TO a computer! I feel like I'm going through blog withdrawal which I am pretty sure needs a medication to help aid in recouping from such a loss!

I am in bright and sunny and (for lack of a better term) friggin' hot as hell Ft. Myers, FL for my brother's wedding. I was a bit apprehensive on attending the wedding because of family-esque issues that I just didn't want to be part of, to not go into detail, let's just say I have a habit of feeling just awful about myself after run in's with certain family members that will be there. But here's hoping that I am empowered and strong enough to know that I am great just the way I am!

Thanks to my other half for letting me play dress up and exercising my "tough enough" in his Navy gear!

In light of that, during my daily (better yet hourly) browsing of blogs I follow, I stumbled upon the most amazing, simple, yet perfect photo to capture how important it is to just Be Yourself and I had to share.

I will be back to good old Jacksonville, FL tomorrow and I am SO excited to see my frisky felines!

Until next time,

  1. You are strong! Don't let those people bring you down. :) And I saw the blue and was like WHAAT! My other half is Coast Guard.... so I did a double take. :P

  2. I hope you enjoy the wedding and steer clear of people who make you feel bad. Life is too short to let someone else decide how you're going to feel. I'm 53 and I know this from experience!!


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