Little By Little...It's Taking Shape!

The shape of a house that is!

Just a quick recap on the house search (my FIRST home search ever...first time home buyer alert!) a little over a month ago we decided on new construction after seeing the options of resale houses in my price range. We realized we could get so much more buying new construction that wasn't in the hustle and bustle (if Jacksonville, FL can have hustle and bustle) of it all. 

So I signed on the dotted line and now a month I am...with a closing date of 8/12/11 on my first home!

This was on the 4th of July!

Today we decided to swing by and check out the progress because I got word that the cabinets are going in!

I can't wait to see it once the flooring is in and the appliances!

We couldn't go upstairs because they were laying the downstairs flooring.

So little by little it is beginning to look a lot like my first place. 

On a side note, I didn't pick out ANYTHING in the home except for the fridge, I bought the place once all the options were already chosen by a previous buyer. Word on the street is the buyers financing fell through but since the options were already set in stone...we got what we got. Luckily, for the most part, I like everything. 

Now, I'm just patiently waiting on my loan to get approved, come on underwriter this girl needs a house!!


Finally, Benny and Penny would be heartbroken if I didn't share a photo of them looking sweet, since they are anything but sweet! 

  1. There's nothing more exciting except a baby. Congrats to you!!!!

  2. congratulations, and i'm jealous :P that must be so amazing!

  3. Hi, Jenna! Congrats on your new home! :D And thanks for dropping by! Oh, boy, your kitties are cuties, too! ;)

    Hope you're having a colorful week! ;)


  4. SO exciting! We live in the city, and I dream of finally having our own home one of these days. Congrats!


  5. Exciting times for you! It's going to look fantastic :O)

  6. im so excited for you!

    -mark l

  7. Congrats! Love the cats! My gray one looks very similiar to yours if not exact haha Mine is Smokey and we have an orange one very similiar to yours but his name is Tigger =)

    We have a mini zoo at home haha

  8. Congratulations! A couple years late :)

  9. Congratulations on the new house!


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