A Handful of Finds to Brighten Up This Rainy Saturday

Okay, so I know just because it's overcast and rainy here in Jacksonville, FL, it doesn't mean it's rainy where you are BUT I'd rather pretend that it is. Hurricane season here in Florida is just not the most pleasant time of year! 

I thought I would share a few finds on Etsy that I've stumbled upon during one of my many Etsy unplanned search and find missions. Hopefully you see something that brightens your day too!

Vintage Cotton Short Sleeve Knee Length Dress via AllTheVintage - loving the shape and color of this!

Duct Tape Flower Pens via Blue Bamboo - I am IN LOVE with these and I can't believe they are made from duct tape. I see a vase of these on my white desk in my new art studio when we move! (They come in tie dye too!)

Yellow Enamel Teapot via AMradio - Oh how I love teapots and this bright yellow one says "pick me!"
Rainbow Butterfly Crayon via art2theextreme - How whimsical and cute are these crayons?
Daily Prophet Reporter Journal via celestefrittata - Okay so I know this doesn't fall into the "bright" category BUT how fabulous is it? Whether you're a Harry Potter fan or not either way it's a super cute journal!

So that's it! Now it's time for me to face the music of the rainy day, and get some work done inside my apartment, moving day will be here before I know it!

  1. Thanks so much for featuring my notepad :D I'm in love with the yellow teapot... great find!

  2. Really awesome finds. I agree about those flowers -- duct tape?!! That's so awesome! And that notepad is amazing. And those crayons! Haha... how awesome. Love this post. :) Try not to have too much fun packing... :P Sea Marie

  3. It is a little gloomy here in Austin too so what a great list of things to help with that.

    Thanks for including my pens, I actually do keep them sitting in a vase on the dining room table :o)

  4. wow, that dress is amazing! i love that tea kettle too. seems like you love yellow just as much as i do!

  5. I LOVE the yellow tea pot. I have a strange attraction to tea pots (mine looks like a rooster...) the strange part is that I don't drink tea...


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