Pahlish Review and Swatches - Bespoke Batch - Serpiente Verde

I mean...come on...I had to post a green mani today!

Normally I sort of...don't mention holidays or things like that...not because I don't want to or plan not to...I just don't think about it!

Then I chose this little green number to wear last week and thought...what a perfect polish to share today!

Pahlish features bespoke polishes, usually weekly, during restocks and they're always amazing. They are small batch polishes due to the price it would be to make them in large quantities or the products used to make the polishes are too hard to come by. With that being said...they can only be found in destashes once they are sold out...unless Shannon releases them again like she sometimes randomly does!

Just wanted to share that prior to the photos!

Serpiente Verde
***Luck of the Irish is all up in this polish...yeah...I said it. As always, with Pahlish, the formula was lovely. No issues with application. The photos show two coats with HK Girl Top Coat. I'm obsessed with this bright green...and the flecks of gold and brown just make it that much better***

All my green lovers out is a good day am I right??

Do you partake in the Bespoke polishes from Pahlish? Do you have a favorite?

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

That Gal...signing off!!

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