Pretty Serious Cosmetics Review and Swatches - Eye of Copernicus

Welcome back...welcome back...welcome back!

I'm going to take the color down a bit and share a dark and oh so delicious royal/navy blue with you. Yesterday I showed you some bright and fun polishes from the Frozen collection and today we're going dark blue!

Eye of Copernicus is part of a new collection called The Museum of Naileontology! There are two of polishes in the collection. They are all fabulous. 

***Formula, application, color...amazing. Perfection. So rich and so much depth! Oh and no staining with this blue beauty either***

Pretty perfect ay?

I love blue and then you throw the sparkle bits in it...yes please!

Did you buy any of the polishes from the collection? Do you plan on it if you haven't?

That Gal...signing off!!

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