Mystic Muse Nail Lacquer Review and Swatches - City Chic Collection

Boy oh boy do I have a fun collection to share with you today!

I am always SO excited for a new collection from Mystic Muse Nail Lacquer! 
There are always so many unique shades!

This time there are flakies, holo glitters, a matte, a creme, and a jelly!

Yes please.

Each section will include all the info you need about what you see.

So without further yadda yadda ya...let's get to the photo heavy goodness!

**soft ballet pink cream with a soft and subtle sparkle**
***This has a thicker formula than the rest of the polishes in the collection. Not so thick that it's an issue though. I used two coats for my application. The first coat is a little streaky but once a second coat is added then you're good to go. I love how lovely and soft this is. Such a perfect pink for the upcoming spring. You can see the sparkle in the macro shots!***

**coral/rose matte polish**
***I'm obsessed with this matte beauty and it's matching MATTE polish bottle! How freaking perfect is that? I love just love the color of this polish and it dried very quick! I used three thin coats for my application.***
Shown with Mystic Muse Top Coat below
Below - matte/with top coat

 **Royal blue with the perfect bit of sparkle**
***This blue beauty is opaque in 2 to 3 coats. It'll just depending how the thickness of your coats. No staining and was a breeze to apply. It has such a glow!***

**pink jelly packed with holo glitters in various shapes and sizes**
***This beauty was opaque in two coats! Amazing. Shiny and fabulous. It's a perfect bubblegum pink which really lets the glitters shine! Shown with Mystic Muse Top Coat and a matte top coat***
Shown with matte top coat below

**multi-chrome color shifting flakies**
***These flakies are the in the perfect base. Not thick or thin. One to two thin coats will get you loads of flakies without a ton of clear base - such a fun topper!***
Above - City Lights over At the Ballet
Below - City Lights over Mamma Rosa w/ a matte top coat
Below - City Lights over NN3000 Happy Holo Days - I wanted to see this over green!
Above - City Lights over At the Ballet and NN3000 Happy Holo Days
Below - City Lights over Mamma Rosa (matte top coat) and Singing the Blues

Pretty great right?

There are so many things about this collection that I love. I LOVE that there was a matte mixed in. There is so much diversity in this collection which I think is so darn fabulous.

As always, title of each polish section above is a direct link to the polish listing, but here is a direct link to the main shop page.

Where to find Mystic Muse Nail Lacquer -

That Gal...signing off!

**polishes provided to me for review and my 100% honest opinion...because dishonesty gives you wrinkles**

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