Mani Monday - Aly's Dream Polish Review - Dark Emerald

Hey ladies!
(And husband!)

How was your weekend? 
We had such an odd weather weekend. It was rainy and freezing on Saturday and sunny and hot on Sunday. Florida is so weird.

Also I had a little snafu with USPS on Saturday. I had 4 packages delivered and I wasn't able to access them! We have that lovely set up of groupings of mail boxes that have larger boxes with locks on them where packages are delivered and little keys are put in our regular mail boxes to open the boxes with packages. Which normally works like a charm...when I don't get a key for a box that has nothing inside of it!! So there is a box full of my packages...that I can't get into! Stupid USPS. Here's hoping I get home today and the mail lady gets my less than pleased note requesting the correct key. 

Okay I hope you made it past my little complaint paragraph so you can see the MOST BEAUTIFUL green polish ever.

Seriously....proof is below!


I cannot even tell you how stunning this is in person!

The color is SO lush and dramatic...beautiful.

Oh yeah...and then there's that holo goodness. It's hard to capture but let's just say I almost got in an accident looking at the holo on my nails.

BAM! Number 18...if you're a fan of green or your birthstone is Emerald...or if you love gorgeous polish. Put this on your ISO!

Yep...two macros again because they show the slight variation of green depending on where the light hits. Both of which are lovely.

Coats -
Two Coats. Two thin/medium coats. Fabulous formula as always and easy as pie to work with.
Color Intensity -
Absolutely perfect. This is a top 5 holographic polish because the holo is subtle but spectacular in the light and the base color itself could stand alone.
 Top Coat -
 Essence Gel-Look and HK Girl (Essence first then HK on top of it)
Base Coat -

Whew! So what do you think?

Do you have any Aly's in your collection yet?
Make sure to "like" Aly's page on Facebook to stay up to date because she will be opening again soon for another round of pre-orders!

*Insert happy dance here*

Oh also I will be adding more manis/reviews onto the blog soon. I have SO many polishes to share that one a week just isn't enough. Hopefully you feel the same way! My What I Wore and TIFF won't go away I'll just be adding more posts during the week!

  1. oooh it's a lovely lovely shade of green! I'm wearing a similar shade but without all the lovely sparkly holo effect!

  2. Oh wow that green is absolutely lovely! I hope you are able to get your packages.

  3. That green is gorgeous!! I love the sparkliness of it. Subtle but eyecatching at the same time. Yes, I realise that that last sentence doesn't make sense at all!

    I couldn't reply to your comment that you put on my blog via email. And for some reason, I'm just finding that blogger isn't working v nicely for me. So in answer to your questions, here goes. I didn't really blog that much- so that's probably why you never saw any of my posts, coz I didn't do any! I have stopped my old blog and started up a new one. I hope to be a more regular blogger.

    And definitely YES to sending each other a little something in the mail. I love sending you mail (and also getting stuff in the mail too!) :)


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