NailNation 3000 Review - Eleanora #DP 1850

Welcome to the fun zone people. Welcome.

And by fun I mean...fabulous.

I have one more Nailnation to show you then I'm all out of NN to share!

But in opinion...I saved the best for last. Not just because I love the name Eleanora either.

On a sad doesn't appear to be in stock right now! I believe there will be restock soon though.

Fun Fact: Eleanora was inspired by Edgar Allan Poe - and is part of the Dead Poet's Society collection.

So enough of my blabbing...check her out!

Eleanora -
 Intensely holographic nude polish with a lavender shift!

I know you're thinking...this isn't a nude. I know I thought the same thing...but THIS my friends is the lavender shift.

Getting a little less lavender here...

AND the nude. It is SO pretty and the holo just jumps off the nails...figuratively not literally of course.
Eleanora is so lady like but really packs a punch.

As you can see in the macros the base really is a nude color but the pops and shifts of lavender come from those amazing shimmery bits! AHHHH! Gimme.

Coats -
Three thin coats. Two thicker coats would suffice too. And honestly it was so pretty I just kept painting...I have no self control.
Color Intensity -
SO intense. I wish I could've gotten a sunlight photo but alas that didn't pan out. It is stunningly holo but subtle because of the light base color.
 Top Coat - China Glaze top coat 
Base Coat -
Pure Ice - from Walmart

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PS - PLEASE make sure to swing by tomorrow for a very special Things I Fancy Friday. I have a whole bunch of fancy to share with you!

*polish provided for a review and honest opinion*

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