What I Wore Wednesday - Pockets, Circle Skirts, and Chambray

Please tell me I'm not the ONLY one that thinks every skirt/dress should have pockets?

I don't think companies truly understand how amazing pockets are on skirts.
Eshakti does because EVERY skirt and dress has them. Unless you don't want them...then you can ask for them to be removed!! What! It goes without saying...I've never asked for that.

I snagged this dress during a big clearance event on their site because I didn't have any chambray and I figured getting something that was a dress made the most sense. Lucky for me it was perfection and it's still my only piece and chambray. I'm totally okay with that.

Now grab the nearest circle skirt and come take a twirl with me!
Dress - Eshakti
Cardigan - bought second hand - I believe it's orignally from Forever21
Headband - Etsy - Threddies
Shoes - Chelsea Crew from a zulily sale!
Earrings - World Market (same earrings different color)
Ring - Kohls

And so you can actually see everything I linked to! 
Details -

So I didn't include what lipstick I was wearing because...I forgot. Chances are good it's NYX something or another or MAC. But who really knows now since I forgot to take a photo of the tube!

Come back by tomorrow to see a lovely lady named...Eleanora.

And on Friday...I have a very special edition of Things I Fancy Friday!!

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