Things I Fancy Friday - Gray and Pink...and Enchanted Polish: Once Upon a Cloud Sneak Peek

Hey now!

This weeks blog post count - 5 - I don't think in my whole blogging career I've ever posted that many times in a week. It gives me mixed feelings because part of me loves it and the other part of me feels like I'm imposing on people. Weird right? Hello textbook over-analyzer!

So today I want to focus on two colors that go together like Sherlock and Dr. Watson. 

(I'm counting down the days until the Season 3 premiere on 1/19!)

Okay. Focus.

So as you probably noticed in the title up there...the colors I speak of are gray and pink!

Enchanted Polish - Once Upon a Cloud
So after I got this polish on my's what inspired me for the colors of today's post. There are these subtle but gorgeous pink flecks in the polish that really make this unique. It's a gray polish that leans lavender with a striking holo and pink pop! I wanted to include this little collage today but I will have ALL my swatches in all their shiny glory on Tuesday!

Pink -

Ugh - I would love so much to own this baby.

Donuts. Gimme. And gimme that freaking adorable mug too while you're at it.

Beautiful wing back couch in the woods? Hey why not? It makes a lovely photo so it works for me!

Gray -
(Or is it grey to you? It's gray to me unless I'm talking about Earl Grey tea...)
Need it.

It's no secret (well it's no secret to my husband at least) that I'm obsessed with blankets. The fluffier the better. This looks magical. Also my cats would be in heaven.

I couldn't find a source to this...partially because it was after midnight when I found it and it was all I could do to stay awake. But I am so in love with everything about this lovely gray drenched vintage photo. Also...that dress!

And last but not least...this...because I love how the celebratory dining set up and the bright pink contrasts with the rain and the gloom and gray of the day.

And ladies and gentleman...that's a wrap on this week's posts!

I will be back bright and early Monday to share a gorgeous cotton candy blue Girly Bits polish with you!

And now I want donuts...and cotton candy. I'm so easily swayed.

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