NailNation 3000 - Spanish Fly and A Holo S.A.G.A

Tick tock ladies...tick tock.
(Am I the only one that thinks of the Lumen season of Dexter when they hear/read tick tock?)
I would've insert a gif there...but in case anyone hasn't seen Season 5...I thought better of it.

It's inching closer to the weekend!!

Can you tell my week is pretty much consumed with counting down until the weekend?

I wanted to do a "duo" post for you today because I think the two polishes I have to share with you go well together. Maybe not "together" as in use in one mani but together as in I LOVE green and I'm putting them together. Yes this post is all about what I like...I just hope you can appreciate the combo too!

And the macros...OMG.

Let's commence the NailNation 3000 polish party shall we?
(OH! And if you're in the shopping mood - use code THATGAL20 for 20% off!)

Spanish Fly -
(A silver base jam packed with green glitters)

A little blurred but you can see the shimmer in the sun
Can you see that jump off the nail green sparkle? That was not edited!

Now...let's macro.
Oooh I caught a rainbow in the one on the right. You can see that you would THINK the polish could be gritty because of the glitter but it's not! Use a good top coat and it's nice and smooth.

I cannot get enough of the color combo's like a legit party on my nails.
I believe this polish is sold out on the site (sorry!) but there are PLENTY of other colors that shouldn't be missed.

(A STUNNING and bold blue leaning purple holographic polish - that's a direct link to the polish!

Let there be light!!

Get out of town with all that blue...the holo is a gorgeous soft scattered holo. It's BOLD and fabulous.
Again you can snag this one because it's in stock and use the code (THATGAL20) for 20% off!!

Coats -
Two coats for both polishes. Easy peasy formula. No issues.
Color Intensity -
Like I said above...these are both like wearing little parties on your paws. Super fun colors that will get noticed!
 Top Coat -
 HK Girl 
Base Coat -

Do you own any of Maria's polish yet? If so which ones?? I need to live vicarioiusly through you.

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*polish provided for a review and honest opinion*

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