Mani Series - Sherlock - A Study in Polish - Consulting Detective

Round two of my Sherlock mani series!
I'm just gonna get right to it since I chatter on so much during so many posts!
If you missed last week click here to see it.
So I thought it would make sense to share the other side of the polish coin this week.
Consulting Criminal was last week and I've got Consulting Detective for you this week!
Again this polish is from the Sherlock series that A Study in Polish has and they are all amazing. I'm biased since I own all, well all but the two newest ones, but trust me they're perfection.

How gorgeous is that base purple color?

Sunlight in all it's pretty purple glory.

I'm kinda obsessed with the brand logo.

The blue bits of glitter is my favorite part!
Two because I can't help myself...perfect glitter distribution and a gorgeous base color.
Coats -
Like my post yesterday - I have to say this glitter formula rivals the Nerd formula - honestly. These photos are two easy coats with no fishing or specific glitter placement.
Color Intensity -
One of the prettiest purples I've used and I have A LOT of purples. The glitters don't dull the color at all they make it pop!
 Top Coat - HK Girl  -
 one thin coat of the top coat makes this completely smooth
Base Coat -

Nice right? Do you love it?

Because I can't stop posting Sherlock things...I may or may not have another Sherlock inspired polish to share with you on Thursday! From a completely different brand!

See ya soon!

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