Mani Monday - Ozotic - 621 Review - My Christmas Party Mani!

Happy Festivus everyone!

Are you celebrating the great Festivus holiday today?

Let's get our grievances aired out people!

I love that starting on the 23rd all the holiday festivities really start to roll out. 

On Friday my mom had a Christmas party and I donned this beauty for the occasion. 

There was one photo snapped that my husband and I were actually in so I'll share that too. Even though it's blurry...

So....on to the real reason why you clicked the link to this post!

The 621!


Hubba hubba!

Ozotics are the easiest to come by but they aren't the most difficult either. I will provide a list of places to get them down below!

Ozotic is a brand made by Picture Polish but it's just their more expensive line of polish.

I snagged this baby from a sale that the lovely Esther over at Philly Loves Lacquer was having when she was re-homing some polish!

It's so shiny it hurts my eyes!

As you may have guessed by now...sometimes...most of the time I have issues choosing just one macro duo shots. You can see how it leans orange in some light and more red in other light.

Coats -
Two perfect coats with no stand out formula issues.
Color Intensity -
Intense but it's not in your face vivid. A nice rich red.
  Top Coat -
Base Coat -

Picture Polish is a Australian based company so unless you want to pay big shipping prices then I'd advise you to shop at a US stockist for this brand.

Llarowe (the best place to snag them)
Ninja Polish
Overall Beauty


I know Christmas is Wednesday but I will still be posting a little something :-)

  1. Aaaaand that's an added incentive for me to visit Oz in 2014. Thanks! :D


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