Things I Fancy Friday - Red Lips, Foxes, and Holiday Goodies!

Another week (or work week) has gone by and here we are again on Fancy Friday.

Has anyone else noticed how PAINFULLY slow the mail is right now? The holiday season is rough for timely mail delivery. I've got a boat load of things coming to me and tick tock'll be Christmas very soon! Gimme all my packages!

**Patience is a virtue I'm asking for for Christmas**

Commence Fancy Friday Finds!


Red lips may not be an every day look for everyone (they are for me!) but it is the holiday season so it'll be a more common go to color for sure. Keiko has an updated step-by-step for the perfect red lip!

This thermos is so gorgeous!

This fox custom hardware is so special and unique...and crazy expensive!

This site has SO many pretty and fun holiday wallpapers! Go to the site from your phone and choose the links to the ones you like and save the image. Easy peasy!

OMG...freaking gingerbread magic cake?? It looks magical...I can only imagine what it tastes like. I'm pretty sure the students at Hogwarts eat this for dessert.


So what have you bought during the last week that you're actually awaiting to be delivered?

Yeah I'm still thinking about my mail and it's slow as molasses in the winter time delivery.

**practice patience woman!**

See ya Monday...I have a stunning polish to show you!

  1. I totally agree-- the mail is moving at a snail's pace! I feel like all of my online purchases have been shipped a month ago and I'm still waiting on them. Thanks for the wallpaper link! Definitely snagging some of those :) Have a great weekend!

    xoxo Bri


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