What I Wore Wednesday - Forest Frolic - Featuring Ms. Olive!

Hey guys!

Are you counting down the days until Christmas like I am? 

The hubs and I are considering taking a little road trip to Orlando during the extended break I have during the week of Christmas but we get into SO much trouble when we go to IKEA. 


Are you traveling for the holidays are staying put?

Okay so I have to admit...there was slight false advertisement on my part in regards to the content in today's post since...there is no forest or much frolicking. It's what popped into my head when all the colors of the outfit came together...it seemed very nature inspired.

There are way too many creatures in the forest for me to frolic in...I'll leave that to the pixies...they can take care of themselves.


Cardigan - Sorry I have no idea...I bought it second hand from someone!
Glasses - Zenni Optical
Dress - Modcloth (similar...the green is out of stock right now)
Tights - my fave super odd colored tights from Target
Shoes - Chelsea Crew via Zulily sale
Brooch - Vintage bear paw brooch from Etsy
Lipstick - NYX Matte in Alabama
Nail Polish - Essie Watermelon and American Apparel - Coney Island

Detail photos below - 

Hi Olive!! It's almost impossible to take these photos without her walking into the frame so I figured I would just scoop her up for her close up!


I wish I could say I feel compelled to wear these colors only during fall and winter but it's not true...I'll totally wear this in summer. Also...I know my nails are so not in the realm of this color scheme but matching is just not my cup of tea obviously!

See you Friday :-)

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