Pahlish Review and Swatches - Black Lace Elderberry

I'll be honest with you...I'm typing this at nearly midnight on Monday so I won't try and pretend like I'm not exhausted and ready for bed!
With that being said...I won't be saying much in fear that I will make absolutely no sense.
What I will say is...this beauty from Pahlish has been patiently sitting in my untried helmer for months...finally it has it's day in the spotlight!
I love Pahlish because it's fabulous. But when I first saw Black Lace Elderberry there was something so different and special about it. It wasn't like any Pahlish I owned! I had to have it.
Do you have this beauty in your stash?
Black Lace Elderberry
**outdoors indirect sun**
Coats -
Three coats. I'm confident that two thicker than normal coats would bring it to opacity though. No issues with application.
Color Intensity -
This is so freaking neat! I love that it has a "jelly sandwich" look to it but it's all one polish. The glitters look like they're floating in the middle of each layer. Loving that. It's like the purple version of It's Hoodie Time from Crowtoes. Maybe...I don't own it but it has that same contrasting colors affect I think.
Top Coat - HK Girl
Base Coat - Pretty Serious
Where to find Pahlish -
So unfortunately this isn't in the shop anymore. BUT it's not impossible to find for a decent price.
Swing by Storenvy and search Pahlish because I've seen quite a few there over the last few months.
Storenvy is always my go to place to find polishes that I missed out on!

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