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Hey gals!
I took a middle of the week siesta yesterday but I'm back today with one of my favorite Zoya polishes!
Recently Zoya had a big sale...one of the many they have throughout the year...it was either buy 2 get 2 or buy 3 get 3. So potentially long story short...this was one of the polishes I snagged!
Sometimes I have a hard time finding a polish I want from Zoya during these big sales because there are SO many to choose from. So my tactic is to just search "zoya" on pinterest and see what polishes catch my eye. This is one of those polishes!
(Description from Zoya - soft, dusty blue-toned amethyst purple with colorful shimmer that reflects pink, red and gold) 


Coats -
Two regular coats. No issues with formula/application/staining
Color Intensity -
This is such an interesting color. It's a dusty purple. It's not dark or light...it's this lovely muted purple. It really gives the shimmer a chance to show. I saw this on Pinterest and was so intrigued because Zoya doesn't have a lot of polishes like this. It would've had a shinier finish if I used my normal top coat but alas I did not. I kind of liked how it turned out though...it "went with" the overall feel of this polish.
Top Coat - Zoya Armor Top Coat
Base Coat - Pretty Serious

Are a Zoya fan? I think they have some of the best crème polishes. I don't stamp or do any nail art but I'm told they have great crèmes for those things. Plus with a good holo top coat on any crème from Zoya will bring a whole new feel to it!

Keep this one in mind during the next Zoya sale. You won't regret it!

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