Knockout Lacquer Review and Swatches - Beautifully Bruised Trio

Are you guys ready for oh so many wonderful things??
I've reviewed/swatched a handful of Knockout Lacquer polishes and every single one of them has completely taken my breath away. Check them out here, here and here!
This new collection is my absolute favorite out of all the Knockout Lacquers I own.
Every time I post about the brand I ALWAYS include videos because it's the best way to capture the wow. So with that being said...not only are the pictures plentiful but there is a video of each polish at the end of each set of photos. The videos will look much better on my IG (they will be posted there throughout the day) they are kind of hard to REALLY see on the computer. 
So trust me when I say it's worth scrolling all the way through the photos until the end because will not be!
Beautifully Bruised Trio
(scattered holographic forest green with a sparkle like diamonds // three thin coats were used with HK Girl Top Coat) 

**outdoors indirect sun**


(on the site this is described as a deep purple but I was told by the maker it varies on skin tone - for me it's a pink leaning purple - more of an orchid - possibly with thicker coats it would've been a darker purple // three thin coats topped with HK Girl Top Coat)

**outdoors indirect sun**



( scattered holographic navy blue with sparkle that dances in the sunlight // Two thin coats and HK Girl Top Coat)


**outdoors indirect sun**

So I'll just do a quick run down of the polishes rather than my normal full sectioned off review since this post is already so lengthy!
Application/Formula - Perfection as always with no issues. No staining with the blue either.
Color Intensity - All of them area absolutely brilliant. Even more stunning in person. MUST HAVES. Even though O-Negative ended up being lighter than I had anticipated I still really love what I received.
My favorite is A-Positive - the mossy green is stunning - I don't have another polish like it!
Where to find Knockout Lacquer -

*polishes sent for my review and honest opinion*
*I do not edit the color in my photos - what you see is what you get - I strive for honest depictions of all the polishes I share!*

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