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Hey guys!
So I want to update you on what I said last week about my potentially "big day" I had last week. Because not updating you wouldn't be cool,since I had some people ask!
Sadly, it wasn't a big day, I had an interview for a really great opportunity and I thought I knocked it out of the park. I got word over the weekend that I didn't get the job.
So that was a major bummer...I'm super tired of looking for work...interviewing every so often then... nothing. Such is the life of the unemployed I suppose.
At least there's always polish!
And on THAT much more positive subject...let's have a look at some photos.
(blackened plum with copper flakes)
**indirect sun**
Coats -
Three thin coats.
Color Intensity -
I love the intensity of this beauty. It's bold and vampy but the copper flakes in this otherwise very dark polish really put some extra life into it. Which oddly enough makes it feel kinda badass. You wouldn't think "flakes" of anything would do that but these totally do.
Top Coat - HK Girl
Base Coat - Pretty Serious
Where to find Pahlish -
The best part about this's still for sale on the Pahlish site! Wahoo!
Thanks for reading and I'll be back tomorrow with the new collection from Knockout seriously don't want to miss it.

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