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Hey guys!
I'm back with more polish today!
I think next week I'll try to wrap up the Wet n Wild LE Fall 2014 matte lipsticks into one post on Wednesday. As long as I get the chance to wear the two I have left between today and Tuesday!
Okay so back to the polish. I have a "new to the blog" polish to share today. I only have a couple Picture Polish polishes and this one I was given as a gift! I felt compelled to give it a go...and because of that...swatches have transpired. Yay! 
(deep blue with silver sparkles)

**Indirect sun**
Coats -
Two coats. I found this to be on the thick side but it's probably due to the fact it's more of a textured polish.
Color Intensity -
Oh so blue! A very dramatic blue indeed. The sparkle makes what could be super dark blue really pop with some shiny life. This would be a great blue to mix into any patriotic mani...not that that's super necessary right now but it's what I think of when I see it! The sparkle is even more apparent in person...it won't sit still for a photo! Sneaky sparkle.
Top Coat - NailNation 3000 High Gloss Top Coat - if you want this to shine and not have an gritty feel to it then you'll need 2 to 3 coats of a top coat.
Where to find Picture Polish -

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