Wet n Wild Review and Swatches - LE Fall 2014 Matte Lipstick - Bordeaux Boulevard

Hey everyone!
So Wet n' Wild recently released a small collection of Limited Edition matte lipsticks and they were impossible for me to find. Possibly because I live in a small city now. Lucky for me I was able to find someone to snag them for me!
The limited edition (LE) collection has four matte lipsticks. The names are -
Bordeaux Boulevard
Sweet Cream
Urban Night
Sunset Siren

I decided I would share each of the four with you guys but I'm going to break it down to one post per week. This week I have Bordeaux Boulevard to share with you.
Bordeaux Boulevard
(plum toned matte lipstick) 

**4 hours after initial application**

Primer -
No primer or exfoliation used
Coats -
Two to three coats. Mostly just to get it even not so much for opacity.
Staying Power -
As you can see after 4 hours of wear, including eating and drinking, this lipstick held up really well. Yep a 9/10 is what I'm rating it. Better than any of the matte MAC lipstick I've reviewed!
Color Feathering/Bleeding/Build Up/Caking -
Little to no build up and feathering. This was such a perfect lipstick to wear. Normally without ANY moisturizing primer or prep there is some slight build up but nothing on this one. The fading was a little patchy but really nothing terrible.

You guys. I highly recommend tracking this down. You can check local drugstores/walmart/target - any place that carries Wet n Wild - it'll be worth tracking it down! The cost ranges between 1 dollar and some change and 4 dollars. It all depends on where you go!

This is one of the best matte lipsticks I've ever used and that's saying a lot!

I will have Sweet Cream to show you next week!

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