NailNation 3000 Review and Swatches - Skinny Dipping in Holo

Hey guys!
I know some of you were wondering why I mentioned on Tuesday that it was potentially a "big day"...well I can't say whether it was or not yet...because I'm still unsure myself. Rest assured I will tell you when I know!
Today I have yet another beautiful polish from NailNation 3000 to share with you guys!
NN3000 is hands down one of my top 5 favorite brands. I own quite a few of them and I've yet to be disappointed. Sometimes polish can look stunning in a bottle but once it's on it's less than amazing and that's definitely never an issue with my NN polishes!
Let's get to all the pretty photos!
**indirect setting sun**
 Coats -
Two regular coats with - no application or formula issues.
Color Intensity -
Normally I'm not one to reach for nude toned polishes but since I'm looking for a job I find myself reaching for them more often now. So even though not having a job and the seemingly endless search for work's opened my eyes to the beauty of nude polishes! Especially this one. It's not too warm or cool toned, it's a  nude that I think would work on all skin tones, and that holo? Yeah it's pretty magical.
Are you a fan of nude polishes?

 Where to find NailNation 3000 -

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