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Hey guys!
So I've done a few reviews of Knockout Lacquer polishes and every time I have a KO Lacquer polish on my paws...I'm like...whoa. Yep that's the level of impact they have on me.
Kimura didn't let me down on the whoa-factor either.
PS - I have a video of this beauty too!
Let's just get to it shall we?
Outdoors indirect sun
Yaaaay it's a shiny video!
Coats -
Two coats. The formula is slightly thicker than I thought it would be but that's not bad. I assumed I would need 3 coats or so but it ended up being a very creamy holo packed polish.
Color Intensity -
With all the posts this week focusing on darker colors I wanted to brighten things up a bit and boy did this do the trick. Bright and shiny! The holo bits look as if they've been sprinkled throughout this icy blue making it feel so magical.
Top Coat - HK Girl
Base Coat - Liquid Lacquer base coat
Where to find Knockout Lacquer -

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