Things I Fancy Friday - Rocky Horror, Pumpkin Donuts, and It'll Be Okay

So my TIFF posts have been missing in action lately but since I failed to post yesterday I thought it would be fun to type one up!
My Friday posts tend not to get many views but I think they're neat so they seem to stick around because of that!
I've got a nice little mish mash of goodies to share with ya today!
Have you seen this?? I cannot wait to start seeing swatches of this collection!
I would love to be in this spot right now.
Beaugency, Loire Valley, France
Loving this for fall!
Yum yum yum!
Why not add some delicious pumpkin maple donuts to the mix?
I'm in a bit of a tailspin right now with not having a job and not being able to find one. I'm a very routine/structured person so this has really thrown me for a loop. I'm trying to keep things like this saying in my mind.
And on that note...I hope you saw some things that you fancied and I'll see ya Monday.

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