Wet n Wild Review and Swatches - LE Fall 2014 Matte Lipsticks - Urban Night and Sunset Siren

So today is the day that I wrap up my reviews for the Fall 2014 LE Matte Lipsticks from Wet n Wild.
I have the final two (out of four) to share with you today.
Here is the complete list of lipsticks in the collection -
(including links to previous reviews)
Urban Night
Sunset Siren
Let's get this lipstick party started!
Urban Night

**bare lips**

**after 3 hours of wear**
Sunset Siren

**bare lips**

**after 3 hours of wear**
Primer -
No priming or exfoliation for either lipstick
Coats -
These are both very opaque so it doesn't take much at all to be opaque - also no need to be heavy handed with application because they are very bold without much force!
Staying Power -
9/10 for both
Much like Bordeaux Boulevard these have major staying power. Sunset Siren almost looks brand new after 3 hours and let me tell you I thought most of it would've ended up on my water bottle I was drinking from during that time but it was still very much there. Urban Night also held up well considering I ate lunch while wearing it!
Color Feathering/Bleeding/Build Up/Caking -
Urban Night had more visible build up but it didn't feel terrible and gritty or dry. Even with the build up my lips still felt moisturized. Sunset Siren didn't have as much visible build up but it was more drying and felt like the moisture was quickly disappearing.
So like I mentioned last week in my review I wanted to show all of these without any primer/exfoliating. So at least you know if you don't have time to exfoliate or if you don't own primer that these still work pretty darn well. For the most part they weren't overly drying like A LOT of matte lipsticks are. Also these aren't AS matte as other brands like MAC. 
I know they are nearly impossible to find in stores but don't fret! They can be found easily on Ebay! Just search the brand and the name of the lipstick you're wanting and BAM...they will be there!

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