Mystic Muse Nail Lacquer Review and Swatches - Autumn Reflections Collection

I just want to start this post out with some real talk. 

Mystic Muse has one of the prettiest fall/autumn collections I've seen. Seriously. 

I have it to share with you today! This is photo heavy because...pretties.

My overview of each polish with extra info will be all the way at the end of the post.

There are so many finishes and colors that really cover so much fall fabulous-ness. 

Let's have a look-see! 

(sheer rust colored crelly with holo glitters)
**outdoors - direct sun**

(soft black with subtle frost)
**outdoors - direct sun**

(smokey gray with a mauve base with shifts of gold, orange-red, and fuchsia)
**outdoors - direct sun**

(rich, warm chestnut brown frost)
**outdoors - direct sun**

(classic cranberry crelly)
**outdoors - direct sun**

(bronze metallic)
**outdoors - direct sun**
Coats -
Autumn Reflections - Three thin coats. Two regular coats would definitely suffice.
Night, Bonfire, Chestnut, Cranberry, and Fall Foliage - ALL two coats
Each and every polish was a dream to work with. The formula was absolute perfection. Also there was no staining for any polish.
Color Intensity -
Autumn Reflections - This is such a perfect orange. It's described as a rust color and I feel like that's pretty dead on. It's BEAUTIFUL and even more so in the sun where you can really see those holo glitters sparkle.
 Night  - I wore this dark beauty for Halloween day. It's rich and dark but has these fabulous sparkles that catch in the light. Indoors it was vampy and fierce and in the sun it was bold and full of sparkle. So multi-faceted! It's a frost but really all the frost does it lighten the black base to almost feel navy. It's beautiful!
BonfireI'll always be the first to admit that any duo/multi chrome polish is not my cup of tea but OMG this one...LOVE!  This baby is absolutely stunning. It's got such a mix of sultry and lovely colors. A must for sure!
Chestnut - I cannot say enough amazing things about this polish. It's hands down my favorite. It is THE most stunning polish I've had on my nails this season. It is so damn chic and fabulous I can't even describe it. It's my must have from the collection!
Cranberry - Are you seeing what I'm seeing? Yep it's that's fierce and red. And yep that sun shot is what it really looked like. The sun was shining something serious yesterday so it really brightened up the polish. Indoors it's the deep dark red you see in the other photos. Both indoors and out this polish is SLICK and squishy and fabulous. Red lovers...yes...this is so so good!
Fall Foliage - this perfectly fall polish is oh so lovely. It's a great in between of colors. It's not too bold but it's not too subtle. Fabulously fall!
Super glossy and shiny with average dry time. Not super fast but it won't take forever to dry either. 
Base Coat - Liquid Lacquer base coat  

Do you have a favorite from the collection?

Where to find Mystic Muse Nail Lacquer - 

This collection is being sold as a pre-order right now and can be purchased individually or as a collection. The top coat is also currently for sale!

I'll be sharing a video of Autumn Reflections on my IG also. So swing by and check that out!

PS - sorry for the fingerprints on some of the bottles!! 
**polishes were sent to me for my 100% honest review because not being honest is super lame!**

I LOVE reading your comments, it brings a smile to my face, you lovelies are the best! If you have a question or comment and have your email linked to your blogger I will without fail respond!

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